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Brazil 4x4.

2001 July: [XII Raid de Inverno], at Campos do Jordão, 183 km from São Paulo.


'99, right: My old 1977 Ford Rural 4x4. Este auto tiene un motor Ford 2.3l OHC y caja de cambios de 4 velocidades con low-range. Basicamente es un Willys All-Steel Wagon de los anos 40/50, pero hecha totalmente en Brasil desde 1959. La carroceria se cambio en 1960. El motor Ford ha sido introducido en 1976. No se hacen mas desde junio del '77. Totalmente original (el unico cambio son los neumaticos 7.50x16 Firestone AT), estaba en accion cerca de Sao Paulo, Brazil, en una finca de amigos en abril del ano de 1998.

The Ford Rural is a classic 4x4 wagon in Brazil. The power-train is that of a Brazilian Jeep CJ-5. From 1957 -> 1976, it was fitted with a 6-cyl Willys Hurricane engine. After 1976 all model Fords (ex-Willys) were equipped with a Ford 2.3L OHC (140 cu.in). The Ford Rural is the same as a Willys All-Steel Wagon, built in USA in the 1940s and 1950s. In 1960, the Ford Rural was restyled; the front side was changed.

In Brazil, Toyota build the Corolla (car) and the Toyota Bandeirante 4x4. The Toyota Bandeirante is a version of the FJ-40. In the past it had Mercedes-Benz diesel engines (OM-324/ OM-314/ OM-364), but from 1995 all models are equipped with Toyota engines. The Band' is tough and strong; very strong.

Here in Brazil (and other countries of South America), Land Rovers are imported (officially) from the UK, but the Defender 110 and the 110 pick-up are built on São Bernardo do Campo (SP). Today, the engines are Maxion (under Land Rover licence) and other parts are manufactured in Brazil (about 30%); the others, come from the UK, but 4 cars a day.... The Santana is is not known in Brazil.

Brazil is a particular country about 4x4 and HD vehicles. Since 1956 Willys and Toyota have built Jeeps (any versions) and Bandeirantes respectively. But for a large country, the production is low (in particular in the '80s). The cars were made with 100% Brazilian materials; imported cars were not allowed in. Willys (after Ford) assembled nearly 1,000,000 Jeep CJ-5's and others of the same family (SW Rural, pick-up, CJ-6 and others), in 4x2 and 4x4. But the Jeep production ended in 1983. Toyota for example, today is building at 100,000 Bandeirante p.a.! When Jeep production ended, the Jeep customer didn't switch to the Bandeirante (price).

After 1990 the country was opened to imported cars, and now things are changed. Today, is possible to buy a LR, a Hilux, a Pajero, a Grand Cherokee and Nivas (yes Lada Niva). But with a high price. A Jeep Wrangler 4.0 Sport cost US$30.000. The Bandeirante US$20.000. A Mercedes-Benz ML-320 US$120.000!

In Brazil, the VW Beetle was built for 30 years. This car is a true "off-roader" in Brazil (versatile, low cost, comfortable, economy, low maintenence and low price). The Brazilian market doesn't have a low cost 4x4 (ex' CJ-5/ Samurai, gas engine, canvas top, made-in-Brazil). Now in the 1990s outdoor activities are popular (fishing, off-road fun and others). In the past, when one said "I need to go to Amazonia", people thought "This man is crazy". Today we are "the explorers of a new world", "The adventurers in the natural world", "The new frontier explorer" and so on. The world has changed.

About military vehicles, in 1986 Engesa (military company) created a 4x4 utility. This car is an icon for the Brazilian off-roaders. This car is good, the off-road performance is good (helicoil springs, GM 151 4-cyl. gas/alcohol engine, 5-speed manual transmission, etc.). The Engesa was produced from 1986 to 1992. Now, with new technologies (Rancho 9000, GM 250 6-cyl gas or alcohol engines, BF 33 or 35 mud tyres) this car is very special. The principal problem is difficulty of getting parts and price. Engesa also built trucks (4x4 and 6x6 Boomerang) and light tanks, also the Osorio. This tank was made for the Saudi Arabia Army as a prototype, but the Arabs prefered the Abrams (sp?) tank. Today, the Brazilian army have JPX (French and Brazilian made), Toyota Bandeirante, any Engesas and the classic CJ-5 (and Engesa trucks and Brazilian Mercedes-Benz 4x4 LA/LAK/LG trucks).
- Julio Julio Florez [11/'99]
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Central Brazil road
1985 Toyota 4Runner on a typical road in central Brazil - Jon Dreyer
1997 -->

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