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Toyota Hilux

2004, above: Toyota has released a range of accessories designed to protect the load areas of its all wheel and four wheel drive vehicles from dirt and scrapes. The ute body of the HiLux double cab can be shielded by a moulded-to-fit tough plastic liner.


2001 July: Toyota reports that it has sold 11 million Toyota Hiluxes in total, 350,000+ in Australia.

Australian Hiluxes are offered with a 2.0 litre petrol (80kW at 5200rpm, 166Nm at 2800rpm), 2.7 litre petrol (108kW, 235Nm), 3.0 litre diesel (71kW at 4000rpm, 200Nm at 2600rpm) or 3.0 litre turbo diesel (85kW at 3600rpm, 315Nm at 2000rpm).


2000 November: Toyota has extracted more torque from the turbo diesel engine, raising it to 315Nm at 2000rpm. This engine option is now also available in the single cab ute (pickup) and cab chassis, and the double cab ute.

The 4x4 turbo diesel double cab SR5 continues but two single cab SR5 models are dropped. Dual airbags and ABS brakes are options on 2.7 litre petrol, and diesel Hilux models.


1999 December: Toyota au --> introduced the option of a turbocharged diesel engine for the 2000 model year Toyota Hilux 4WD (right). The 3-litre, 4-cylinder 1KZ-TE motor delivers 85kW of power at 3600rpm and 295Nm of torque at 2400rpm (cf. 101kW from 2.5-litres in the Td5 Defender) and is "matched to the proven LandCruiser 100-series diesel [part-time 4WD R151F] manual transmission". It is available on the crew-cab SR-5, single-cab SR-5 and cab/chassis SR-5.

1997 late: Toyota Hilux got a major update in late for the 1998 model year. The chassis and body are all new although maintaining a strong visual link with the old Hilux look.

crew cab

The box-section chassis narrows in the engine bay so that it will fold in and absorb energy in a frontal crash thus protecting the occupants. Driver and passenger airbags, and anti-lock brakes are optional extras. A winch can still be attached to the front although local legislation will have to decide if this is allowed with the air-bag option.

Engine options are the 2.7L, 4-cylinder dohc unit from the Toyota Prado and a 3.0L diesel - not turbo-charged.

The other big change is the dropping of the front live-axle in favour of independent front suspension by double wishbones and upper torsion bars. The rear end has a live axle with leaf springs.

Interior niceties include a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, more comfortable bucket seats, improved storage spaces and radio/cassette sound system. And love it or hate it, the new Hilux still has an "umbrella handle" hand-brake.

Surprisingly, prices have fallen by between $1500 and $2000 compared to the previous 1996/ 1997 model Toyota Hilux. This could make early-1997 buyers quite cross - although run-out discounts were available.

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Toyota Hilux 4X4, late 1997...

1998 crewcab in the high country, courtesy Toy ota
  • crew cab (standard), 5 seats, 4 doors, optional dual air-bags and ABS brakes
  • loa: 4725mm, width: 1690mm, height: 1810mm
  • wheelbase: 2860mm, track: 1440mm/1425mm, grnd clearance: 225mm
  • approach: 36, departure: 34
  • turning radius: 6.1m (kerb)
  • weight: 1595kg (unladen) (diesel +80kg), GVM: 2730kg, towing: 700kg (unbraked)
  • petrol:
    • 3RZ-FE, 2694cc, petrol, 4-cyls, mpfi, 4-valves/cyl, dohc
    • bore: 95.0mm, stroke: 95.0mm, c.r.: 9.5:1
    • power: 108kW at 4800rpm, torque: 235Nm at 4000rpm
  • diesel:
    • #5L, 2986cc, diesel, 4-cyls, direct injection, ohc
    • bore: 99.5mm, stroke: 96.0mm, c.r.: 22.2:1
    • power: 65kW at 4000rpm, torque: 197Nm at 2400rpm
  • turbo-diesel
    • 1KZ-TE, 3-litre,
    • 85kW at 3600rpm, 295Nm at 2400rpm, on SR-5's from 12/1999
    • 85kW at 3600rpm, 315Nm at 2000rpm, +other 4x4 from 11/2000
  • transmission: 5m, part-time 4WD, manual freewheel hubs (auto' on SR5), 2-speed transfer case (hi 1.0:1, lo 2.566:1), diff ratio 4.3:1 (petrol), 4.556:1 (diesel), rear limited-slip diff' on SR5
  • suspension: indep-torsion-bar/live-leaf, brakes: disc/drum
  • tyres: 205R16C / 56H.5Fx16, fuel-tank: 66L
  • variations:
    • single-cab: 3-seats (2 with air-bags), loa: 4725mm, wheelbase: 2860mm, fuel-tank: 77L
    • Xtra cab: 2-seats, loa: 5100mm, wheelbase: 3095mm, fuel-tank: 77L
    • SR5 crew cab: loa: 4855mm, width: 1700mm, tyres: 255R15 LT/7JJx15
  • prices:
    • single-cab cab-chassis, petrol $28,000+orc, diesel $30,800+orc
    • crew-cab std, petrol $33,600+orc, diesel $36,200+orc ($Aus, Nov 1997)
    • Xtra cab from 1998
    • turbo-diesel SR-5 crew cab $43,160, single cab $36,020, cab-chassis $36,930 (from Dec 1999)
  • Competition: Mazda ute's, Mitsubishi Triton

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