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Toyota LandCruiser 70 / 75 / 78 Series


2004: Toyota has launched a unique LandCruiser Turbo-diesel Cab/Chassis model that combines a tough, sporty image with workhorse practicality.

It has the additional features of 16×7 inch five-spoke alloy wheels with 265/70R16LT Grandtrek All Terrain tyres, front wheel over fender flares, aluminium side steps and chrome front grille.

Inside, LC78 Muster has the added feature of a 2-DIN size Fujitsu Ten 3-in-1audio system which includes radio/cassette & single CD player.

LandCruiser 78 Series’ Turbo-diesel engine delivers 122kW of power at 3400rpm and 380Nm of torque at 1400rpm.

50th ann
2001 May: A 50th anniversary diesel LandCruiser 78-Series has air conditioning, single CD player, and bluish grey fabric seat material.
The cab/chassis special edition is priced from 48,750 or, with snorkel and auxiliary fuel tank, 49,430 rrp ( 5/2001).
50th: "LandCruiser was first produced in 1951 and came to Australia in 1959, when the first examples were imported to work on the [Snowy Mountains Scheme]" -Toyota.

2001 May: Toyota Australia reports that it has won a contract to supply 600+ vehicles to the Australian Department of Defence this year. The order is for a mix of Spacia, HiAce, Commuter Bus, Coaster, HiLux 4x2, LandCruiser 100-Series Wagon and LandCruiser 78-Series TroopCarriers.

loaded with test weights in a quarry

2001: A 6x6 Australia six wheel drive conversion of a Toyota LandCruiser. Another interesting LandCruiser modification is the addition of a third (and fourth) side door to the Troop Carrier, as seen at recent shows.

78 series ute, (c) T' (au)

1999 October: Toyota Australia launched the LandCruiser 78-series, updating the trusty, not to say rustic, 70-series with the addition of a coil-sprung front axle and a choice of petrol and diesel motors from the 100-series.

Toyota's 70 had persisted with leaf-springs all round for a lot longer than its main competitors (Patrol & Defender) and indeed the 78 still has leaf springs at the rear. Now it has the 100's live front axle and coil springs, which also bring a wider track and four-spot caliper front disc brakes.

The wheel-base has been extended by 200mm to 3180mm (125") putting it up there with the 130. Some of those 200mm are taken up in stretching the cab by 120mm to increase interior room. The rear leaf-springs are longer for more travel.

The choice of engines is between the 4477cc 6-cylinder petrol engine (165 at 4600r, 387 at 3600r), and the 4146cc 6-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel (96 at 3800r, 285 at 2200r). The diesel "is matched to a new manual transmission ([also] proven in LandCruiser 100 Series) and a shorter final drive ratio - to improve performance." (Note that the Patrol now has a 4.2L turbo-diesel option.)

Prices of the 78-series LandCruiser range "from 45,100 for the 3-seat petrol cab-chassis to 53,000 for the 11-seat diesel troop-carrier" ().

- 4wd.sofcom.com/Toyota/70.html

Toyota LandCruiser 78-Series 2000

  • troop carrier (LWB HT), 3+8-seats, 2-doors
  • loa: 5060mm, width: 1690mm, height: 2115mm
  • turning radius: 6.7m
  • weight: 2115kg (unladen), GVM: xxx, --> towing: 750kg (unbraked)
  • diesel
    • 1HZ, 4164cc, diesel, 6-cyls, 2-valves/cyl, ohc
    • bore: 94mm, stroke: 100mm, c.r.: 22.7:1
  • transmission: 5m, 2-speed transfer case
  • suspension: live-coil / live-leaf, brakes: disc/disc
  • tyres: 7.50R16, fuel-tank: 90+90L
  • price: from 54K ( 1/2000), air-con' +2.3K
  • competition: Land Rover Defender

[75 series ute, Toyota pic 1996, jpg]

1985..1999: The 70 / 75 series Toyota LandCruisers took over from the 40 / 45 series of workhorse four wheel drives in 1985. The styling maintained a family resemblance to the 40 / 45 series but became more angular. The 70 series is the short wheel base (SWB) and the 75 series is the long wheel base (LWB). The latter comes as cab-chassis (tray), ute or pickup with a "panelled" tray, and "troop carrier" hard-top (HT).

[Troop Carrier, jpg]

The LWB HT or "troop carrier" got a raised roof to increase interior room. Check that it fits in your garage before taking one of these home.

[Bundera, 4WD show, jpg]

Suspension is by live axles and leaf springs all round although Land Rover and Nissan have switched to coils on even their basic four wheel drives. The SWB LandCruiser Bundera (right) did come with coil springs but the 80-series & 100-series station wagons were the only other LandCruiser so suspended until the 78-series came along.

Toyota LandCruiser 75 Series c1995

  • troop-carrier (hard-top) 2 door, 3+8 seats; also ute and cab-chassis
  • loa: 4995mm, width: 1690mm, height: 2090mm, weight: 2040kg (unladen)
  • GVM: 3035kg, towing: 750kg (unbraked)
  • turning radius: 6.5m (kerb)
  • petrol: (FZJ75RV...)
    • 1FZ-FE 4477cc petrol 6cyls efi 4valves/cyl dohc
    • bore: 100mm, stroke: 95mm, c.r.: 9.0:1
  • diesel: (HZJ75R....)
    • 1HZ 4164cc diesel 6cyls 2valves/cyl sohc
    • bore: 94mm, stroke: 100mm, c.r.: 22.7:1
  • transmission: 5m, part-time 4WD, 2 speed transfer case
  • suspension: beam-leaf/beam-leaf, brakes: disc/disc
  • tyres: 7.50R16, fuel-tank: 90L (+90L option)
  • Note: dimensions given for hard-top.
  • Competition: Nissan GQ, Land Rover Defender

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b+w pic' by Toyota

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