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Nissan Patrol GQ 4WD

[picture of NissanPatrolGQ, lifted, jpeg]

The GQ was the first Nissan Patrol with coil springs, released in Australia in 1988. The standard coils sag and limit axle movement, but a GQ Patrol with after-market springs can be quite agile. The one pictured (left) has had a 45mm body lift, new springs and has 33" tyres fitted. The body lift is achieved by inserting thicker, specially fabricated body mounts.

Pictured (right) is a detail of the front steering swivel, axle, coil spring and radius arm.

The anti-roll bar for the rear coil suspension was an innovation in that it can be disconnected (without the driver leaving the cab) so that it does not interfere with large axle movements off-road.

For some time the ute versions of the Nissan Patrol continued with leaf springs, and still does (as of 1996), but a coil-spring ute was added in late 1994.

[coil suspension]
[picture of Nissan Patrol high roof, jpg]

Some long wheel-base Patrols come with a high roof (left). This gives extra internal room but can be squeezy in a low garage and can make finding a suitable roof rack difficult.

[picture of NissanPatrolSWB, jpg]

The short wheel-base (SWB) Nissan Patrol (above) really does have a short wheel-base; it gives the strong impression that the track is nearly as large as the wheel-base. This has been a trademark of Nissan's shortest SWB's since the G60.

- 4wd.sofcom.com/4WD.html

  • 1988: coil sprung Nissan Patrol GQ released
  • 1994: coil sprung Patrol ute offered
  • 1997: Nissan Patrol GU revealed at the Frankfurt (Sept) and Tokyo (Oct) Motor Shows.

Go to the GU Patrol, MQ Patrol or Nissan pages

Patrol 1988 Specifications.

  • LWB station-wagon, 5 seats, 4 doors
  • loa: 4810mm, width: 1800mm, height: 1815mm
  • wheelbase: 2970mm, track: 1530mm/1535mm
  • 4.2L petrol:
    • TB42 4169cc petrol 6-cyls carb' 2-valves/cyl
    • bore: 96mm, stroke: 96mm
  • 4.2L diesel:
    • TD42 4169cc diesel 6-cyl
    • bore: 96mm, stroke: 96mm
  • 2.8L diesel:
    • RD28T 2826cc diesel 6-cyl
    • bore: 85mm, stroke: 83mm
  • transmission: 5m, part-time 4WD
  • suspension: live-coil/live-coil, brakes: disc/disc
  • tyres: 215/80R16
  • Note: high roof model, height: 1995mm, width with 10R15 tyres: 1930mm
  • Also - pickup and SWB. 1996 -->
  • Rivals: Toyota LandCruiser

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