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Toyota LJ70


The Toyota Land Cruiser Bundera was introduced with the rest of the 70-series in late 1984, replacing the 40-series.

It is a lighter duty Landcruiser than the rest of the 70 range, with smaller Hilux differentials and drivetrain, and lower capacity engine options. It was also Toyota's first attempt at a coil sprung 4wd, utilising the same 5-link system found in the 80-series with radius arms and Panhard rod. Whilst this suspension works quite effectively offroad, with the short wheelbase it can lead to body pitch and roll onroad. Good quality springs and shock absorbers help remedy this.

The Bundera entered the newly emerging market niche of recreational 4wd's, more suited to the odd weekend away than punishing long offroad trips or commercial use.

Pictured is a later model (1990) Australian Bundera, evidence that Toyota toyed with the idea of continuing marketing the vehicle here. Such vehicles, identifiable by the square headlights and redesigned bonnet, are fairly rare locally [au] but were sold in overseas markets up until around 1993.
- Bilbo B' [5/'00]

  • Toyota Bundera 1984 - 1989
  • 2 door, soft top or hardtop, 2+3 seats
  • loa: 346mm, width: 1690mm, wheelbase: 2310mm (90") track: 1425mm/1420mm, grnd clearance: 230mm turning radius: 6.5m (kerb)
  • petrol: (RJ70...)
    • 22R 2367cc petrol 4cyls 2-valves/cyl sohc
    • bore: 92mm, stroke: 89mm, c.r.: 9.0:1
    • power: 105 HP at 4800rpm, torque: 136 Ft-Lb at 2800rpm
  • diesel: (LJ70...)
    • 2L 2446cc diesel 4cyls 2-valves/cyl sohc
    • bore: 92mm, stroke: 92mm, c.r.: 22.3:1
    • power: 72 HP at 4000rpm, torque: 115 Ft-Lb at 2200rpm
  • and
    • 2L-T 2446cc turbo diesel 4cyls 2-valves/cyl sohc
    • bore: 92mm, stroke: 92mm, c.r.: 20.0:1
    • power: 86 HP at 4000rpm, torque: 139 Ft-Lb at 2400rpm
  • transmission: 5m (G52 or R150F in turbo model) gearbox, part-time 4WD, 2-speed transfer case.
  • suspension: live-coil/live-coil, brakes: disc/drum
  • tyres: 7.50R16 or 265/65r15, fuel-tank: 90L
  • Note: dimensions given for hard-top.
  • Competition: Nissan GQ SWB, Daihatsu Rocky, Mitsubishi Pajero or Holden Jackaroo SWB

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