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Land Rover FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Land Rover Four Wheel Drive vehicles.

101": military Forward Control 101" [FC101].

107": long wheel base [Series One] Land Rovers.

109": long wheel base to [Series Three] Land Rovers.

110: wheel base of LWB coil-sprung Land Rover, later the [Defender 110]. Also the wheel base of the SIIB forward control.

127: extended wheel base (127") Land Rover 110, later Defender 130.

130: [Defender 130] actually 127" wheel base.

80": wheel-base of the earliest [Series One] Land Rovers.

86": wheel base of SWB [Series One] Land Rovers.

88": short wheel-base from late [Series One] to [Series Three] Land Rovers.

90: short wheel base coil-sprung Land Rover, later [Defender 90]. The wheel base is actually 92.9"!

ACE: Active Cornering Enhancment - electronic controls on the suspension reduce roll in cornering, fitted to 1998 Discovery.

B40: Not CB40, a Rolls Royce engine fitted to some special army SI's.

Billing: where Land Rovers meet every summer.

Birmabright: aluminium alloy used for much of the Land Rover, Discovery and Range Rover bodywork.

BMIHT: British Motor Industry Heritage Trust [museum] holds the Rover Group Company archives and many classic cars and 4x4 vehicles.

BMW: BMW bought Rover Group, and thus Land Rover, in 1994 (selling it to Ford in 2000). There was much speculation about plans for a BMW four wheel drive (a badge engineered Land Rover or not?) to match the Mercedes Benz [All Activity Vehicle] until the BMW X5 appeared.

British Aerospace (BAe): owned (Land-) Rover before selling it to BMW in 1994. [BAeA] kept a connection through the Perentie.

Bush Tucker Man: Les Hiddins.

Camel Trophy: the [Camel Trophy] is a four wheel drive event using Land Rover vehicles, often called the Olympic Games of four wheel drive. Yes, this Camel is connected to Camel cigarettes, cough, cough, yuk.

Capstan: see [winch page].

Carawagon: (ex) maker of 4x4 [campers].

CB40: code name for long-awaited Land Rover Freelander

Centre Differential: fitted in the transfer case of full-time 4WDs, allows the axles to rotate at different speeds: the front wheels travel further when going around a corner. Incorporates a (centre) diff' lock for off-road conditions.

CKD: Completely Knocked Down kit - Land Rovers exported as boxed kits of parts and assembled locally, often given favourable import duty / tax concessions.

Classic: Range Rover [Classic 1971-1996].

Clubs: see the [club page].

County: up-market versions of 90, 110, Defender 190 and Defender 110 station wagons in particular - extra trim and special side-stripes.

Cuthbertson: Cuthbertson made a tracked conversion kit for series Land Rovers.

Defender: coil-sprung Land Rovers - [web page], formerly 90 and 110.

Direct Injection: where fuel is injected directly into the cylinder - more efficient (the term is almost invariably applied to diesel engines).

Discovery: Land Rover [Discovery].

Dormobile: not Doormobile! (ex) maker of 4x4 [campers].

Estate Car: see station wagon.

ENV: heavy duty differentials fitted to the SIIB [forward control].

Fairey: made overdrive units for S1 to S3 Land Rovers, also LT95 4-speed gearbox (Stage-1, FC101, early Range Rover). Now Superwinch.

Firefly: [Fire Engine] conversion.

Ford: Ford bought Land Rover from BMW in 2000.

Forward Control: these are cab-over designs - [S2A and S2B], [military FC101] Land Rover and [Llama Prototype].

Free Wheel: early Series ones were full-time four wheel drive and incorporated a free-wheel unit on the transfer case front output shaft to prevent transmission wind-up in forward motion. The unit could be locked for off-road conditions and for effective 4WD in reverse gear.

Free Wheel Hub: can be fitted to front hubs so that front half-shafts, diff' and prop' shaft do not rotate (unless engaged). They probably do more harm than good.

Freelander: the small Land Rover c1998.

Full-Time Four Wheel Drive: when all four wheels are driven all the time. A free-wheel (early series one) or a centre differential is needed in the transfer case to prevent transmission wind up. Centre diff' first featured on Land Rovers in the LT95 transmission of the Range Rover, FC101 and Stage-1.

Gaydon: British Motor Industry Heritage Trust [museum].

HCPU: High Capacity Pick Up - large tray or ute body available on 110, Defender 110 and 130.

HDC: Hill Descent Control, as fitted to the Freelander, and the 1998 Discovery, applies brakes automatically (when selected) to walk the car down steep and rocky 4WD descents.

Heartland: planned replacement for the Land Rover Discovery about the year 2000; see also BMW E53. Rumours include adaptive suspension (like Fielder perhaps?).

Hiddins, Les: [Bush Tucker Man] (oz) ABC TV.

Indirect Injection: where (diesel) is injected into a small pre-combustion chamber leading off the main cylinder, often applied to small diesel engines. See `direct injection'.

Intercooler: a radiator used to cool air that has been compressed, and thus heated, by a super-charger or turbo-charger. Cooling makes the air denser which allows more to enter the cylinder - more power. See Tdi.

Jeep: The Willys Overland [Jeep MB] provided the inspiration for the first Land Rover and early prototypes used the Jeep chassis.

Land Rover name: Originally it was Land-Rover with a hyphen, later Land Rover without. Sandy Grice reports that a press release of December 1989 announced that the hyphen was being dropped "to provide greater compatibility with the Range Rover". So there!

Light-Weight: Military S2A and S3 Land Rovers for [air-transport]. Light Weights have simplified angular body-work.

Llama: [Forward Control Prototype].

LT95: Land Rover's first gearbox with a centre differential.

LWB: Long Wheel Base.

Minerva: Land Rovers assembled by [Minerva] of Belgium.

Mobile Welder: Factory [conversion] to early series one Land Rovers.

One Ton: heavy duty series two A or series three LWB Land Rover (esp' military) with lower gearing, heavy duty transfer case and diff's.

P38B: Code name of a face-lifted Range Rover SII due 1998 or so. 1997 rumours are that the Range Rover may be seen with BMW V8 and V12 engines and perhaps a 6-speed sequential gearbox! Incidentally, at least one conversion firm dropped a Jaguar V12 into a Range Rover (Classic) but had to stretch the body and chassis and found the result too expensive to pursue.

Perentie: [Australian derivative] of the Land Rover Defender 110, as seen in the [Bush Tucker Man] TV series.

Pink Panther: Desert patrol Land Rovers painted pink for camouflage! There is one at BMIHT.

Powered Trailer: (i) various series Land-Rover experiments and (ii) Rubbery Owen powered trailer for the FC101.

Preproduction: The preproduction Land-Rovers were 48 "test and evaluation" vehicles (R or L, 1-48) made before production proper started. They embodied various "trial" parts. See the preproduction page.

PTO: Power Take Off. Land Rovers have various PTO's and equipment driven by PTO's: front PTO (engine crank-shaft pulley), centre PTO (rear face of transfer case or underneath transfer case), rear PTO (from transfer case with own prop' shaft). See also [welder].

Range Rover: [web page].

Rover: The name Rover originates from the Rover Safety Cycle of 1884. The [Rover Company] is based in Solihull (England).

Rubery Owen: British engineering firm, but one of the most interesting Land Rover connections is their powered trailer for the British Army's FC101, 4x4+2x2=6x6.

Rust: yes they can! The chassis (frame) can rust especially the chassis rear cross-member and the chassis outriggers. The Birmabright aluminium can also suffer electrolytic corrosion, although this is rarely severe.

Salisbury: heavy duty differential fitted to rear of long wheel base Land Rovers after SIII (and both axles of FC101).

Santana: Land Rovers built in Spain that accumulated significant differences, including a 6-cyl version of the 2.25L 4-cylinder engine and a unique forward control model.

Series: the series Land-Rovers, series one (SI), series two (SII), series two A (SIIA), series three (SIII), were all leaf-sprung. See [milestones] or the [series] pages.

Stage One: The [Stage-1] was the last LWB 109" series three, having the 3.5L V8 and the LT95 full-time 4WD transmission. The name comes from stage one of an investment programme that led on to stage two:- the 90 and 110, later Defender.

Station Wagon: passenger 4x4, available as 10 or 12 seat station wagon or estate car in long wheel base, and with four extra rear seats in short wheel base forms from various series.

Storm: The 5-cylinder 2.5 litre turbo-diesel released with the 1998 Discovery (Tempest). 100kW at 4200rpm, 315Nm at 1950rpm.

SWB: Short Wheel Base.

Tdi: Turbo charged Direct injection Intercooled - 200-series and 300-series diesels fitted to Land Rover Defender and Discovery.

Tempest: updated Land Rover Discovery, launched September 1998 with 4.0L V8 or 5-cylinder turbo-diesel Td5 engines.

Tempo: Land Rovers assembled in Germany.

Tilt: a canvas roof or soft-top, can be cab only or full length.

Tracta Joint: a simple constant-velocity joint used in the swivel housings of the early full-time four wheel drive series one Land Rovers.

URL: /LandRover/Landy.html

Viscous Coupling: an arrangement of plates in a viscous fluid that provides a limited slip function to a differential, especially the centre differential of a Range Rover, obviating the need for a mechanical diff' lock - [example].

Welder: Land Rover factory produced a Series One [mobile welder].

Willys Overland: makers of the World War II [Jeep MB] which inspired the [series one].

XD110: eXtra heavy duty Defender, toughened [military] Defenders ~1995.

- URL /LandRover/Landy.html [click]

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