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Pinzgauer TurboD.

Steyr's Pinzgauer was extensively reworked in 1988: Steyr's air-cooled petrol engine was dropped for Volkswagen's 6-cylinder, turbo-charged, water-cooled, diesel engine, this being part of the deal for Steyr's work on Volkswagen four wheel drive projects. A short snout was added to cover the new radiator and the engine and gearbox were moved from the right to the left of the chassis backbone. The wheel-track and bodywork were also widened for stability and extra load-space.

TurboD SWB

The TurboD Pinzgauer is available as a short-wheel base (SWB, 2200mm) 4x4 (left), a medium wheel base (2400mm) 4x4, and as a 6x6 (2200mm+980mm). The tubular back-bone chassis makes it relatively easy for Steyr to play mix and match with wheelbases.

Steyr's swing-axle suspension, based around its special bevel-gear differentials, was kept together with its hub-reduction gearing and drop-hubs for excellent ground clearance.

There was consternation in the UK when the army selected Pinzgauers to replace its old Land Rover 101s in 1996. Some national pride was saved when Land Rover XD130-based ambulances were chosen instead of Pinzgauer ambulances.

Rumours are that the Pinzgauer TurboD's being delivered to the British Army may be the last Pinzgauers to be built, at least in anything like this form. Apparently the back-bone chassis is expensive to manufacture to the required tolerances. The next Pinzgauer may be something more conventional, perhaps with live axles (and drop hubs). But who believes rumours?

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Steyr Pinzgauer TurboD 1988 - now.

  • forward control 4x4, various bodies, 2 seats + rear
  • loa: 4480mm, width: 1800mm, height: 2045mm
  • approach: 40, departure: 45, ramp break over: 136
  • turning radius: 5.75m
  • weight: GVM: 3850kg, towing: 3000kg (braked)
  • VW, 2383cc, diesel, turbo-charged, 6-cyls, 2-valves/cyl, ohv
  • transmission: 5m (ZF S5 18/3) or 4a (ZF 4 HP22), 2-speed transfer case, diff locks, hub-reduction gearing with drop-hubs
  • suspension: coil/coil, brakes: disc/disc
  • tyres: 8.25/R16, fuel-tank: 80L, 125L or 140L
  • Also available as
    • SWB 4x4
    • loa 4252mm, wheelbase 2200mm, GVM 3500kg, towing 2000kg
  • and as
    • 6x6
    • loa 5035mm, wheelbase 2200mm + 980mm, GVM 4850kg, towing 5000kg
  • Rivals: Bucher Duro, Land Rover Defender

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