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Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD

mitsubishi pajero 4WD
very special

2004: Mitsubishi's Pajero 4WD celebrates 21 years of outback adventuring by releasing a special limited edition Pajero.

Lots of chrome, titanium (look), leather and anniversary badging adorns this limited edition releaseL

Monotone paint - Choice of:
- Cool Silver Metallic.
- White Pearl.
- Black Mica.
• Colour-coded roof rails.
• Powder coated alloy wheels.
• Black headlamp inserts.
• Body-coloured radiator grille with argent inserts.
• Colour-coded front skid plate.
• Chrome door mirrors.
• Body-coloured door handles.
• Rear roof spoiler.
• Front fog lamps.
• Illumination on integrated side steps.
• Unique ‘21st Anniversary’ badging.
• Unique seat trim: Grey alcantara suede-look trim with black leather bolsters.
• 8-way power driver seat.
• Leather wrapped steering wheel.
• Leather-wrapped handbrake lever.
• Leather-wrapped gearshifter with Titanium accent.
• Leather-wrapped 4WD transfer shifter with Titanium accent.
• Titanium-look dash panel and air vent outlet surrounds.
• Titanium-look power window switch surrounds and inner door handles.
• Unique embroidered floor mats with ‘21st Anniversary’ logo.

2001 January: Mitsubishi (au) has reintroduced a value pack from the previous model now based on the current NM Pajero GLX. This includes body-coloured flares and bumpers, in-dash 6-CD player, spare wheel cover, sports roof rack, tow bar and alloy wheels. Prices: 3.5 litre V6 petrol manual $43,490, automatic $45,990, 2.8 litre trubo-charged and intercooled manual $45,490.

2000 May: The new Mitsubishi Pajero on sale in Australia. Of special note: Monocoque construction, all independent suspension, good approach angle (42°), and no big jump in price - partly due to the GST due at the end of June.

There are always questions over wheel travel with independent suspension, and a limited slip differential is standard on all models, but no traction control - yet.


Suspension, both front (left) and rear (above), is independent by double wishbones. The suspension is attached to subframes, the new Pajero having monocoque or unitary construction. The rear wishbones are nice and long for good wheel travel.

The most vulnerable parts under the body are the fuel tank and the exhaust system silencer.

Engine options are the 3.5 litre V6 (right) and the 2.8 litre turbo-charged and intercooled diesel engine. The direct injection petrol engine available in Japan is not offered here - apparently it can't take the local petrol.

The engine air-intake is just above the radiator grille but the bonnet seals with the grille to prevent the first wave of water at a crossing from rushing straight in.


Above and right the GLS level of trim.

There is good leg room for occupants of the first and second rows of seats.


Above: A third row of seats for ankle biters on the all important school run folds under the load-area floor very neatly indeed. This row has lap-sash seat belts but no head-rests. Row two folds in a 60/40 split (GLS & Exceed only) for easy access.


The `Exceed' package (+$4800au) brings wood-grain and leather trim, leather seats, dual front airbags, electric driver's seat, dual air-conditioning and 6 stacker CD player.

- 4wd.sofcom.com/4WD.html


Mitsubishi Pajero 2000

Manufacturer's figures
  • station wagon, 5+2-seats, 4-doors, air bags, ABS option
  • loa: 4775mm, width: 1845mm, height: 1855mm
  • wheelbase: 2780mm, track: 1560mm/1560mm, grnd clearance: 235mm
  • approach: 42°, departure: 24°, ramp break over: 155.5°
  • turning radius: 5.7m
  • weight: 1950kg-2110kg (unladen), GVM: 2655kg-2720kg, towing: 750kg (unbraked)
  • V6
    • 3497cc, petrol, V6, mpfi, 4-valves/cyl, sohc
    • bore: 93.0mm, stroke: 85.8mm, c.r.: 9.0:1
    • power: 140kW at 5000rpm, torque: 303Nm at 3500rpm
  • diesel
    • 2835cc, diesel, 4-cyls, indirect injection, 2-valves/cyl
    • bore: 95mm, stroke: 100mm, c.r.: 21.0:1
    • power: 92kW at 4000rpm, torque: 292Nm at 2000rpm
  • transmission: 5-speed manual (V6, 4.234:1, 2.238:1, 1.398:1, 1.0:1, 0.819:1; rev 3.553:1) (td, 3.952:1, 2.238:1, 1.398:1, 1.0:1, 0.761:1; rev 3.553:1) or 5-speed auto (V6, 3.789:1, 2.057:1, 1.421;1, 1.0:1, 0.731:1; rev 3.865:1),  2-speed transfer case (hi 1.0:1, lo 1.9:1),  GLX, GLS & Exceed Super-Select II 2WD hi/ 4WD hi (centre diff)/ 4WD lo,  diff' ratio V6 4.3:1, td 4.9:1
  • suspension: indep/indep, brakes: disc/disc, ABS option
  • tyres: GL and GLX 235/80R16, GLS and Exceed 265/70R16, fuel-tank: 90L
  • Note GLS and Exceed loa +20mm, width +20mm
  • Safety options, GL ABS & passenger airbag, GLS passenger airbag & CD stacker
  • Fuel consumption: V6 14.6L/100km city / 10.7L/100km highway; td 14.7L/100km / 10.9L/100km
  • warranty: 3 years / 100,000km
  • prices: GL $41,700, GLX $45,290 (auto +$2.5K), GLS $51,390 (auto +$2.5K), Exceed +$4,800 ($au 5/2000)
  • competitors: Holden Jackaroo, Jeep Cherokee, Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes Benz M-class, Toyota Prado

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