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VW Iltis

The Volkswagen Iltis grew out of a 1960's project for a European Jeep with amphibious abilities.

Volksw@gen I1tis

This fell through and the German army later issued a non amphibious specification. The VW Iltis won this latter competition.

The example (above) is owned by Joern Milte.

Volkswagen Iltis 4WD, 1970s...1980s

  • soft-top, 4 seats
  • loa: 3.9m, width: 1.52m, height: 1.84m
  • wheelbase: 2017mm, track: 1.24m/1.25m, grnd clearance: 225mm
  • approach: 40, departure: 30
  • turning radius: 5.5m
  • weight: 1550kg (unladen), GVM: 2050kg, towing: 700kg (unbraked)
  • 1.7L, petrol, 4-cyls
  • transmission: 5m (1st is a crawler), part-time 4WD
  • tyres: 6.50x16, fuel-tank: 85L

- 4wd.sofcom.com/VW/VW.html

The VW Iltis has been in service with the Canadian army at least since the early 1980's. They are still in heavy use. I have sat in one before, they have a plastic footwell, possibly the whole body. The armed forces personnel explained that unloaded they can float. They are fitted with large brush guards and long antennas.
- Ken Macfarlane [12/1998]

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picture of c@rr

Right: A 1985 Volkswagen Iltis.
- MfG Tino
xttmg gmx net -->



Right: Allan Anderson's actason home com --> Volkswagen Iltis, bought in 1997 from a collector/ restorer. He purchased some jeeps from the Canadian Army when they came up for disposal. The major differences between the VW Iltis and the Bombardier Iltis is the front bush guard and the antenna mount at the back all else is basically VW. I have painted mine for "urban warfare" as well as replacing the SMP tires with street legal light truck tires. I still use the SMP tires for fun off-roading. With the jeep being so light and the first gear being so low range you can go anywhere (rated at a 60 degree incline climb). I have never had mine stuck.

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