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Hummer by Victoria.

Being a professional Industrial Designer and Modelmaker and a military vehicle enthusiastic I was intrigued at the chance of reviewing a production model of this American monster. The model is classified on the box as a R024, Hummer Pick-Up, US "Desert Storm" with Camouflage. The model is approximately 110 mm long, 55 mm wide and 40 mm high, which although the scale is not actually noted on the box by my calculations makes it around 1:40. The model is mounted on a black plastic display stand which has a matching injection moulded clear cover and overall the model looks neat, and professionally presented. A cardboard outer box with appropriately cut "viewing windows" completes the packaging.
Hummer HMMWV
Hummer HMMWV
The main body and chassis of the model are diecast metal, while the door panels, roof, side-panels, seats and ancillary fittings are plastic. The body detail is really very good considering all the rivets, bonnet clips, convoy and tail lights etc are an integral part of the body casting. The components themselves are detailed with "sharp" accurate joining areas, and the body lines are neat and square. There is no visible "flash" on the castings and in general the detail is very acceptable. The plastic components are also well detailed, although the "ripple" affect on the surface of the roof and doors to create that look of canvas possibly lacks a certain "reality" The tyres are plastic moulded units and while they have tread to add to the reality any real Hummer enthusiasts will scoff at these "Wrangler" imitations.

The assembly of the model is my only real "gripe" Some of the glue used to assemble the doors etc is visible on the external surfaces of the model, while the rear seats are slightly misaligned in relation to body. The vehicle is painted in "Desert Storm" camouflage (or so it says on the box) and the dull matt finish looks the part. In general the surface finish is very good with only minor paint blemishes that only a perfectionist would pick.

Overall the general quality and finish of the model is very good, despite some minor imperfections, I am more than happy to display the model in my collection.

- Peter Farrer, aka [Prof' Pinz]

Available from Heritage Toy Soldiers, contact [here]

Hummer, HMMWV:
United Nations covered utility
open pickup "Desert Storm"
cargo troop carrier
closed command car
closed command car "Desert Storm&quor;
pick-up "Desert Storm"
pickup US Navy
1998 -->

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