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Contributions for 4WDonline.com

4WDonline.com is always grateful to receive contributions in the form of 4WD information, pictures, vehicle technical details, events, trips, club information and even interesting 4WD destinations. Contributions can be sent electronically or through the post (see below).

Text is most easily dealt with in the form of plain ascii text. Microsoft Word format (.doc) is another format documents can be sent in. Please make a point of including a reply email address in the body of any email as some browsers do not have the correct return address set. 4wd online pictures of Jeeps Landrovers Toyotas etc.

Pictures can be sent as email attachments. We love pictures (just like the piccie of some of our 4WD Online fans to the right - click here for their 4WD adventure story!) The following formats are most convenient: "jpg" and "gif".

"jpg"is by far the most efficient format for colour photographs but use only moderate compression, not high compression, or quality is lost. 24-bit colour (millions of colours) gives the best results, then 16-bit colour (thousands of colours) and last 8-bit colour (256 colours).

Some quality is lost in "gif" colour photographs but "gif" is very efficient for line art and for block colours. A size of 500x400 pixels to 600x500 pixels is sufficient for most pictures unless they are really special.

Contact Us:

via email:

Contact us at this email address.
The above wording is not clickable - very anti-spam friendly! Simply jot it down on a piece of paper and use it when composing an email through your email program.

Advertising: Email the above email address if you would like to advertise.

Copyright: Please do not send material unless you own the copyright to it, or have obtained explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Reciprocal Links: Genuine non-profit clubs go in the club database. Non-club organisations, companies and commercial operations go in 4WD-Links. Both are self-service. A link back to 4wdonline.com would be appreciated.


Thanks: We are very grateful to all our contributors. The following list cannot be complete. If we have inadvertently left you off it, don't take umbrage, please send an email and jog our memory!

Charles Aarons, Graham Alcock, Timothee Allaguillaume, Jim Allen, Robert Allen, L. Allison, Frank Almaas, Wil Andrews, H. Ardis, Philip Armbruster, Trond Arnesen, Michael Ayres, Tony Banner, Rex Barker, Brian Barrett-Park, Teo Bastos, Arndt Bauknech, Jack van Bavel, Micael Ben-Danan, Chris Bennett, Dmitry Bernt, B. Bionda, John Bishop, Michael Bishop, Scott Blanton, Guy Boardman, Carl-Fredrik Borgh, Jay Borne, Gareth Bosley, Karl Bossard, John Brabyn, Peter Bradley, Stuart Brierley, Dave Brown, Kay Henrik Bucher, Nigel Buxton, Brendan Carter, Jesus Chio, Blayne Christian, Richard Clarke, Richard Clarke, Mark Cook, Tony Corke, John Corrigan, Chris Cooper, Geoff Couper, George Couyant, Arild Danielsen, David Dannenberg, Wiley Davis, Matt Deane, Jan Derieuw, Gino DiBartolomeo, Chris Dini, Derek Drew, Jon Dreyer, James Dunsdon, Mike Eastman, Kristjan Einarsson, Siggi Einarsson, Graham Ellis, Raffaele Enea, Scott Enge, Mike Epstein, Oskar Erlingson, Peter Farrer, Bran Ferren, Al Filipeli, Andrew Flanagan, Julio Florez, Mike Ford, Jon Francis, Jeff Fyvie, Patrick Galligan, Arturo Garcia, Ricardo Garcia, Rod Genn, Alec Ghasemi, Grant Girdwood, Henk Goos, Jason Grant, Dale F. Griffith, Markus Groenewaeller, Rob Groves, Alan Gurman, Gustav Gustavsson, Lyn Haffner, Wayne Hager, Michael Haley, Gavin Hall, Mark Hansen, Brian Harris, Steven Harrison, Edwin Harvey, Mark Hayward, Paul Hazell, V. Heck, Nigel Hempshall, Atli Hilmarsson, John Holden, Rick Horwitz, John Hough, Leith Howie, Adrian Hoyland, Richard Hughes, Joe Hursey, Don Incoll, Kirk Isaacson, Kevin Isemonger, Ronald Jack, Bob James, Peter James, Daniel Jeffries, Eric Johansens, Mark Johnson, Steve Johnston, Paul Kaciuba, Arnt Karlsen, Bill Kaszer, Brian Kelley, Keith Kelso, Matt Kemner, Michael Kittleson, John Klopp, Miklos Kovacs, Michael Kusters, Phil Lander, Rodger Larance, Francois Larribau, Jim Leonard, Chris Lewis, Michael Leys, Mark Limbert, Richard Lines, Neil Linger, Rob Logie, Tony Luckwill, Marc Luiks, Ken Macfarlane, Anthony Maeder, Paul Mainville, Paulo Malaman, Kerry Manning, Ian McColl, Bob McLennan, Tony Michaels, Ralph Michell, Jeff Miller, Joern Milte, Alan Minors, Paul Murphy, Craig Murray, Ari Myllyla, Mariano Nano, Luis Nassiff, Rick Neil, Tom Niksch, Tony Novak, Greg Nowakowski, Nick Noyce, Dale F. Osgood, Luis Pages, Ludovic Pamart, Misha Papisov, Ray Parks, Jason Pascoe, Russell Pate, Adolfo E Pena Cabus, Glen Phelps, Jason Phillippi, Julian Phipps, Larry Purama, Susan Rankin, Mike Read, Scott C. Reiner, Peter Renn, Pablo Requena, Bruce Robinson, Rocio Rodriguez, G. Rowlands, John Rowlandson, Steven Rowlandson, Tony Sanger, Anthony Schiavone, Damon Schimming, Justin Schooneman, Uwe Schulz, Clauspeter Schwarz, Grant Scollay, Paul Scott, Wayne Sewell, Bernard Shapiro, Jim Showalter, Bill Sides, Phillip Simpson, Nicholas Sinclair, Benjamin Smith, Riccy Smith, Roger Smith, Bill Spear, Greg Spitz, Zeke Steggall, Luke Stephenson, Jamie Stevens, Scott Strang, Ian Street, Karl Sveinsson, Burl Syers, Fritz Szoncso, Gil Tabori, Michael Tait, Angel Tanev, C. Thisse, Aaron Thomas, Paul Tiah, Jeff Tickner, Balazs Toth, Rohan Veal, Tim Velema, Poul Vinther, Sampsa Vires, Zack Vishoot, Rodney Walker, David Wallis, Richard Walsh, Jack Walter, James Ward, Paul Watson, Dave Watts, Scott Weiser, Darren Welsh, John Wennerberg, Scott Wickham, Tony Wright, Tony Yates, Darren Zakharoff, Ryan Zonneveld, Johan van Zyl

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