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The 2013 Ford Figo Dazzles


After much anticipation, the 2013 Ford Figo has finally made its debut in India, and it dazzled many different drivers by offering one of the best driving experiences they have seen so far this year.  This sub compact car, which was designed and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, is performing extremely well in the Indian driver’s market.  In fact, the Figo is essentially becoming one of India’s flagships, when it comes to sub compact cars.  This multiple award winning car features some of the best city driving handling capabilities of any car on India’s market right now, which is why it has gained so much popularity in India’s busy marketplace.

This 2013 Ford Figo, which was built with a manual transmission for city driving purposes, has a five speed transmission. The  Figo runs on both petrol and a diesel engine and power steering comes standard with each car that is purchased.  The engine may vary between a 1.2 litre engine and 1.4 litre diesel engine.  One of the most important aspects of a car is the gas mileage.  Ford Figo is very economical when it comes to gas mileage, as it will go about 12.5 kilometers with every 1 liter of petrol, all while going 15.5 kilometers with ever 1 liter of diesel petroleum.

The interior of the car is quiet as well.  The seating is very comfortable and extremely supportive.  Most importantly, the height and back support of the seats are surprisingly well-made.  When it comes to the back seat, Ford does a great job of making sure that there is plenty of leg room for the backseat passengers.  The dashboard typically consists of beautiful coral color patterns, with aluminum trim all throughout the car’s cabin, giving it sort of a sporty feel, especially when it is partnered with the red stitching on the black colored seats.

The 2013 Ford Figo was created by the American based Ford Motor Company, but this particular make and model is manufactured in India, and is sold solely in the Middle East and South Africa. (This car is also sold in Mexico, but in that country it goes by the name of the Ford Ikon.)  The design of the car is actually based on the Ford Fiesta, which is sold in the United States.  The original design debuted in New Delhi in 2009, and since then multiple versions of the car have been released, with the 2013 version being the best of the best when it comes this make and model.

Here are some other great features that the 2013 Ford Figo provides for motorists:

-Steering mounted audio controls.
-A very quiet main cabin, always providing a quiet ride.
-Alloy wheels with sleek wheel cover designs.
-Enhanced air conditioner system.

As mentioned before, this car has won multiple awards in India, and has since become THE most awarded car in the history of India’s car market.  The market has spoken, the specs have spoken, and the reviews have spoken, this is a GREAT vehicle.  So if you are in the market for a new vehicle, this is definitely one of the best options you will have.  Get one today!

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  1. figo is more spaceous and coorfmtable than i10, but has lower mileage and the after sales service of ford is not upto the mark .i10 however lacks in passenger comfort which is made up by the amazing interiors and excellent service of hyundai. but i would still go for the figo

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