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2012 Mahindra Scorpio Review

The 2012 Mahindra Scorpio continues to enjoying the status as one of the successful Indian SUV’s.  Currently in its tenth year of production, the Mahindra Scorpio has never failed to deliver.  Although Mahindra Scorpio has not received any significant design changes, but numerous changes under the hood and cabin has kept the vehicle competitive and a bestseller in its category for years.  Mahindra is an excellent offroader, thanks to its ladder frame chassis. It is the first Indian SUV to be designed completely in-house by Mahindra.

Engine and Performance
Under the hood, you will find the revolutionary m-Hawk engine.  Its a 4 cylinder diesel engine that features solenoid injectors and second generation Bosch common rail injection system. In low RPM range, from 1600-2800 rpm, the engine delivers 290 Nm of torque to the wheels.  The engine delivers 120 horsepower and reaches 0-60 in 5.7 seconds, which is pretty much quick and impressive in its class.  All this has been achieved with the help of VGT that eliminates the turbo lag and use of all aluminum cylinder head.

To overcome the loss in power in the previous model years, Mahindra has embarked on a serious mission to shed the weight.  The use of all aluminum cylinder head reduces the engine weight drastically, giving Mahindra Scorpio better acceleration. The base engine friction has also been sorted to ensure smooth functioning. The m-Hawk engine also features an inter-cooler and a bonnet scoop is large enough to ensure a direct passage for air to cool down the inter-cooler, which in turn cols down the engine. All these incorporation has resulted in a engine that is 60 kilo lighter that the current 2.6 liter common rail diesel engine CRDe.

Mahindra Scorpio is offered in both 4×2 and 4×4 layouts and with choice of both manual and auto trasmissions.

Ride and Handling
Mahindra has put serious efforts into the Scorpio’s Chassis, making it more rigid, stiff and free of any rattling sound. For urban driving the suspensions are soft to filter out the noise and those jerky bumps from entering the cabin. For off road purposes, the suspension is strong enough to bear all the brunt and harshness without losing the grip or compromising the ride quality.

The interior is welcoming and gives a modern outlook, with large buttons and knobs nicely placed on a big well rounded dashboard. The buttons and knobs are positioned to be easily with in reach of the driver. The front seats offer the best support for the back in its class. The air conditioning vents are positioned to ensure that ample amounts of cool breeze reaches the occupants in the rear.

Mahindra Scorpio is bundled with advanced safety features to ensure that the journey is safe and sound. Tire pressures sensors has been installed in all wheels to warn the driver of any fluctuations in the pressure that may endanger the safe handling of the vehicle on the road. Reverse parking sensors have also been installed so that you can park your vehicle even in tight spaces with ease. The advanced intellipark system lets your judgement come into play without the need to move your head around. The body shell has been built with crumple zones to make sure that the occupants remain safe in event of crash from impact. Other safety features are collapsible steering column and three point rear seat belts.

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