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Unimogs by Siku.

Siku Super Series 1:32

#0821 Unimog tray with snow plough blade. Colour - orange. (1996/97)

#1023 Unimog tray with rear mounted hydraulic crane for self loading. Crane mounted to rear chassis cross-member. Colour - yellow body, black crane. (1996/97)

#1026 Unimog with rear canopy. Canopy carries a Red-Cross marking. Colour - tan. (1996/97)

#2230 Unimog road work truck. Carries large road works sign and traffic bollards. Color - orange with black chassis. A smaller type of Unimog. (1996/97)

#2522 Combination set. Unimog with full four wheeled trailer. Trailer carries a pallet and a fork lift truck. Colour - Unimog red chassis and tan bodywork. Trailer - red. (1996/97)

#2533 Combination - Unimog truck with road-men's caravan or hut. Colour - truck has black bodywork and orange chassis, caravan orange body. (1996/97)

#2537 smaller Unimog with excavator back-hoe mounted in place of rear tray. Colour - green bodywork, black chassis, red excavator. (1996/97)

#2615 Unimog excavator with front-end loader and back-hoe. Colour - orange with black chassis and some digger components (1996/97)

#2827 Unimog snow plough for snow clearance with a vengeance. Unit can be fitted with either an angled blade or the rotating-knives type of snow clearer. Rear tray carries sand / slat hopper and spreader. Colour - orange bodywork. (1996/97)

#2929 Unimog grass cutter and trailer. The truck has a side-mounted hinge-out grass cutter. The trailer is for catching the cuttings. It is the sort of unit that you might see cutting vegetation along the freeway. Colour - Unimog orange bodywork, trailer grey box. This is one of the smaller Unimog models with the sharply sloping bonnet. (1996/97)

Siku Farmer Series 1:32

#3153 Unimog with rear tray. Colour - green bodywork, black chassis, red wheels. (1996/97)

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