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Suzuki LJ20.

Suzuki LJ20 / LJ20V, 2-seat Four Wheel Drive. The LJ20 spirit is continued in the Suzuki Sierra / (GM) Holden Drover..

Transfer case
2-speed; Gear ratios, "H" 1.7146:1; "L" 3.013:1
Overall reduction ratio
"H" position"L" position
low38.53 67.73
2nd23.20 40.78
3rd14.84 26.08
top9.71 17.07
front, rear: semi-elliptic, leaf spring, telescopic double-acting dampers
Ball & screw, nut type
Toe-in 5 mm (0.20 in) - 4 mm (0.16 in)
Camber l'
Caster 0.5'
King pin angle 91
Turning radius 4.4 m (1 4.4 f t)
Brake shoes - front 2 leading, rear leading and trailing
Parking brake - mechanical acting on propeller shaft
Lubrication system
Engine Suzuki CCI system
Oil tank capacity 2,8 Itr (5.9/4.9 US/imp Pt)
Transmission case 800 cc (1.6/1.4 US/Imp Pt)
Transfer case 700 cc (1.5/1.3 US/Imp Pt)
Axle shaft 800 cc (1.6/1.4 US/Imp Pt)
Steering gear 190 cc (6.4/6.7 US/Imp Pt)
Cooling system
Water cooled, pressure forced circulation
Radiator Corrugated fin and tube pressure type
Water pump Centrifugal type, V-belt drive
Thermostat Wax pellet element type
Coolant amount 3.0 ltr (6.3/5.3 US/imp Pt)
Ignition system
Ignition timing 8 at 1,400 rpm and below
Spark plugs NGK BP6HS and Nippon Denso W20FP
Clutch Dry, single disc
Transmission: 4 speed forward, all synchromesh, 1 reverse
Final drive5.667
Overall length 3,195 mm (125.8 in) 3,025 mm (119.1 in)
Overall width 1,295 mm (51.0 in)
Overall height 1,670 mm (65.7 in) 1,615 mm (63.6 in)
Wheelbase 1,930 mm (76,0 in)
Road clearance 230 mm ( 9. 1 in) 190 mm 7.5 in)
Tires 6.00-16, 4PR 5.60-15, 4PR
Tread, front 1,090 mm( 76.0 in)
rear I,l 00 mm ( 43.3 in)
Weight 625 kg (1,378 lb) 666 kg (1,455 lb)
Maximum speed 80 kph (50 mph)
Maximum torque 3.8 kg-m (27.5 It-lb) at 5,000 rpm
Maximum horsepower 28 hp at 5,500 rpm
Climbing ability tan=0.70, angle=35'; tan=0.64, angle=32.5'
Braking distance 14.0 m at 50 kph (45.9 ft at 31 mph)
Type 2-stroke, water-cooled petrol engine
Two cylinders in-line
Bore x stroke 61.0 x 61.5 mm (2.40 x 2.42 in)
Piston displacement 359 cc (21.9 cu in)
Correct compression ratio 7.0:1
Fuel system
Carburetor Single, HITACHI VCI 30
Air cleaner Resin processed fibrous tissue
Carrying capacity
Height of load deck from ground: 610 mm (24.0 in) 565 mm (22.2 in)
Size of load deck (L x W x H): 93Oxl2O5x3lOmm 82Oxll6OxlO45mm
(36.6 x 47.4 x 12.1 in) (32.2 x 45.7 x 41.1 in)
Maximum load: 250 kg (550 lb) 200 kg (440 I b)
Electrical equipment
Generator 12V 13A
Starter 12V 30OW
Battery 12V 24AH
- Irving Kaasch '97

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