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Suzuki Jimny 4WD

2001 August: Two million Suzuki Jimnys have been built since the start of production of the very first model in April 1970 [-Suzuki].

Soft t0p crtsy Suzi oz

2000 December: Suzuki Australia introduced the Jimny JLX Soft Top, priced from $19,990 ($au). The B-pillars are joined to form a roll-bar, the front section of the roof folding back onto the B-pillar, and the rear section being fully removable.

topless J crtsy Suzi au

The Jimny Soft Top is powered by a 1.3L engine and has either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic gearbox. It has a 2-speed transfer case and part-time four wheel drive. Standard features include twin front airbags, engine immobiliser, and CD player.

The soft top has been available in other markets, e.g. being shown in Barcelona in May 1999.

revised oct 00

2000 October: The Suzuki Jimny gets some two year old's improvments: twin airbags standard, air conditioning and a new engine. Prices start at au$17,990+orc, so the entry price is up $1K but it is probably well worth it.

The new engine has another 30cc, double overhead cams, a bigger bore and a shorter stroke than the previous one, to give similar power at 10% lower revs (60kW at 5500rpm), and 5% more torque at the same revs (110Nm at 4500rpm).

- www.4wdonline.com/Suzuki/Suzuki.html

Manufacturer's data:

  • hard-top, 2+2 seats, 3 doors, dual airbags
  • loa: 3625mm, width: 1600mm, height: 1670mm (1705mm with rails)
  • wheelbase 2250mm (88.6"), track 1355mm/1365mm, ground clearance 190mm (7.5"),
  • weight: 1045kg (unladen), GVM: 1420kg
  • M13A 1328cc, petrol, 4-cyls, efi, 4-valves/cyl dohc
  • bore: 78.0mm, stroke: 69.5mm, c.r.: 9.5:1
  • power: 60kW at 5500rpm, torque: 110Nm at 4500rpm
  • transmission: 5m/4a, 2-speed transfer-case, part-time 4WD
  • suspension: live-coil / live-coil, brakes: disc/drum
  • tyres: 205/70R15 (26" oad) on alloy rims, fuel tank: 40L
  • fuel consumption: 8.5L/100km - 6.6L/100km claimed
  • Towing an (aus') Jimny 4x4
  • air-conditioning standard
  • prices: from $17,990 ($au 10/2000), previously: (7/2000)
    Soft-Top from $19,990 (12/2000)
  • rivals: Daihatsu Terios, Mitsubishi iO

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