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Kinetic Suspension.

The Kinetic Suspension System was previewed at the 1994 Perth 4WD Show. Since that time, demonstration systems have been fitted to Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz Unimog, Nissan Patrol and Toyota Hilux four wheel drives.

The Kinetic suspension replaces conventional springs and shock absorbers with hydraulic rams which are interconnected through a hydro-pneumatic system. The result is a suspension that allows extreme axle articulation while keeping roughly equal weight on each wheel offroad which is good for traction, as anyone who has been "cross axled" in a conventional four wheel drive will know.

The Kinetic system is not an active suspension, but it can be manually controlled to level a vehicle on a side slope for example.

A Kinetic press release (Nov 1996) states:

[...] Last year we granted a licence to a major US 4WD manufacturer who is working to fit the technology to their 4WD vehicles sold around the world. We are now discussing licences with other vehicle manufacturers and are also having advanced discussions with major component manufacturers who are keen to mass produce the system for a variety of applications.

What is it about Western Australia and cars? The roads? First we have the Sarich Orbital engine, then Kinetic Suspension and now coming up on the outside Fielder.

1996 -->

1999: Kinetic was bought out by the US manufacturer of suspension components, Tenneco.

2000: November --> There are reports of negotiations to fit a Kinetic suspension system as standard equipment on Daimler Chrysler four wheel drives.

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