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on rocky ground

2001 May: Sigur Einarsson's 2001 Daewoo Korando E23 2001, 50mm bodylift, tires 295x75x16.

from the bank watching a crossing

2001 January, right: From "up-over" Iceland I send you a picture of my Feroza (orginal) unafraid of the icy water
- Atli Hilmarsson, Reykjavik.

2001 January: Spectacular MAN 8x8 truck tours the glaciers.

1998 18 December: Volcanic eruptions at Vatnajokull.

1998 8 December: Nissan Patrol modifications.

1998 12 August: [Pictures] of Suzuki 4x4'ing in Iceland - Jim Robbins.

- 4wd.sofcom.com/4WD.html -

1985 4runner

1985 Toyota 4Runner. Rear suspention is with springs. --> Airlocks at the rear, disklocks at front. The car is lifted 4" at the body to fit 38" tires. Gear is 5.71:1. It has 65 liters main fueltank and 85 liters additional tank. It is equiped with CB radio, mobile phone and GPS positioner. Everything else is like from the factory.
- Karl H Sveinsson 5/1998

1988 4runner

I do glacier driving; in fact my main hobby for many years is traveling on my 4x4 Toy in the wilderness of Iceland, both summer and winter. It is a lot of fun to travel over the open snow fields with 4 psi of air pressure in the tires (for flotation in the snow), using GPS navigation to keep you on desired track and prvent from getting lost in poor visibility. This is an experience that is impossible to describe but can only be experienced. Last winter I participated in a trip across Iceland that was out of the ordinary, the Icelandic 4x4 club (Ferðaklúbburinn 4x4) started to organise this trip (or jamboree) in December 1996. The plan was to travel on 100 modified 4x4 vehicles over the most remote area of Iceland during winter, from south to north, a route called Sprengisandur and end in town named Akureyri. The date was set for start Fri. 7th March and finish sun. 9th March 1997.

Of course the weather forecast was as bad as it could be when the weekend come closer. Unfortunately the weather forecasts came true and on the start day the decision was made to go on with this event despite the weather, some people was shocked on this decision. The local media was covering this. I was traveling with my friend from work on his 4x4 Ford 150 Echonoline, which is (briefly) equipped as follows:

Tires44" D.C.
LockersARB air front and rear
Transfercrawler gear + transfer case, (engine/tire ratio 105:1)

Langjokull glacier

The trip was a grand success all vehicles participating finished with style, the weather was horrible most of the time, zero visibility and constant GPS navigation. The fuel consumption on the Ford was 58 liters per 100 Km. Above is the Langjökull the second biggest glacier in Europe (and Iceland).
- Oskar Erlingson

Gustav K. Gustavson of Iceland has a highly modified Toyota HiLux 2.4 litre diesel Crew-Cab (below). The 38" tires are just the most visible change. Apparently, many 4x4s in Iceland have bigger tyres, some as larger as 44". It has an extra two-speed gearbox inserted between the primary gearbox and the transfer case:

I took the TC off the gearbox, bought the high/low shifting gears part in the original TC, got a new casing cast and machined, and the parts installed and custom made so the new unit fitted between the old gearbox and TC.

I still have the original differentials on my truck and after I installed the Austalian made ARB turbo the truck manages fine. The only thing which may be improved is maybe 1st high. For takeoff it would be better if it was a little bit lower. The Centerforce cluth seems to handle the extra duty well and isn't showing abnormal wear despite this.

[Gustav's truck, jpg]
Near the top of the old volcano Skjaldbreid.
  • 38" Mudder tires.
  • 15x12" American Racing rims.
  • Custom made additional gearbox: 5x2x2. Lowest gear 98:1, does wonders on thinly snowcovered glacier walls and more.
  • High volume air compressor.
- Gustav K Gustavsson
A HREF="http://rvik.ismennt.is/~gustav/english" broken 5/'01 -->

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