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6WD Perentie.

[picture of Land Rover Perentie 6WD jpg]

The six wheel drive Perentie is a unique Australian design, loosely based on the Land Rover 110 (later Land Rover Defender 110). It shares the 4-speed LT95A transmission and Isuzu 4BD1 3.9L 4-cylinder diesel engine with the four wheel drive Land Rover Perentie, but in this case the engine is turbo-charged.

In view of the extra mass, 4.7:1 differentials are fitted instead of the 3.54:1 units of the 4x4.

Front suspension is by live axle and coil-springs. The rear bogie employs two leaf springs and a load-sharing rocker on each side. This rocker is cranked, and the leaf springs on each side overlap, so that the springs can be longer and the rear axles can be closer together than would otherwise be possible.

The chassis is unique to the six wheel drive. The rear section is fabricated of square and rectangular section steel tube and the chassis is galvanised.

six wheel drive Landrover

Drive to the third axle is by a separate propellor shaft taking power from the transfer-case power take-off (PTO). (See page 2.) This PTO takes drive from a gear on the transfer case intermediate shaft and rotates at the same speed as the front (1st) and rear (2nd) prop'-shafts regardless of whether hi-range or lo-range is selected. The 3rd prop'-shaft passes over the second axle and is jointed, incorporating a c.v. joint, where it does so. In this way extreme articulation of the two rear axles is possible. This feature of the transmission was originally intended for use with a powered trailer on the Land Rover Forward Control 101.

Prototypes and early models, some of which escaped into civilian hands (left), used a normal Land Rover 110 cab and front axle with the standard track of 1500mm against the rear's 1700mm. Production models use a wider, taller cab, and a 1700mm front track which matches the rear.



Specifications for the basic model:
  • truck, 3-seats, 2-doors
  • loa: 6140mm, width: 220mm (2436mm mirrors), height: 2760mm canopy, 2077mm cab track: 1700mm/1700mm, grnd clearance: 196mm
  • approach: 37, departure: 25, ramp break over: 152
  • turning radius: 9.6m
  • weight: 3660kg (unladen), GVM: 5660kg, towing: 1500kg
  • Isuzu 4BD1, 3.9L, diesel, 4-cyls, direct injection, turbo-charged, 2-valves/cyl, ohv
  • transmission: LT95A full-time 4WD,
    4m - 4.07:1, 2.45:1, 1.51:1, 1.00:1, (rev 3.66:1)
    centre diff' and lock, hi:0.996:1, lo:3.321:1, selectable 6x4 / 6x6, differentials: rover/Salisbury-8HA 4.7:1 ratio
  • suspension: live-coil/live-leaf/live-leaf, brakes: disc/drum/drum
  • tyres: 750R16LT 10 ply (Dunlop-Olympic Steeltrek 105) on 6Fx16 rims
  • Optional Thomas T9000M winch 40kN, overload protected PTO
  • Max speed 95km/h, fuel consumption 21.7L/100km (highway), 26.3L/100km (2nd class roads)

There are various models:

Truck, cargo, light, winch, MC2 (cab + canopy)
Truck, air defence, light, FFR, winch, MC2 (cab + canopy)
carries Rapier or RBS-70 anti-aircraft missiles and trailer.
Truck, ambulance, 4-stretcher, FFR, winch, MC2
Truck, general maintenance, light, winch MC2
a box-body carriers a mobile workshop
Truck, electronic repair, light, MC2
Truck, long range patrol, light, FFR, winch, MC2
this mean looking machine is open and without doors. It carries spare wheels recessed into each side of the bodywork, a machine-gun, and a rear-mounted 250cc motorcycle.
  • loa 6020mm, height 2050mm
  • approach: 42, departure: 33, ramp-over: 150
  • weight: 4230kg, laden: 4840kg

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