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Amphibious Jeep.

The amphibious Jeep or Seep was inspired by the much larger DUKW. More properly it is a Ford GPA (G: Government, P: 80" wheelbase, A: Amphibian), based on the standard world war II Jeep. A simple hull was wrapped around the Jeep chassis. A propellor is driven from the transfer-case power take off unit. The other "propellor" shafts to the front and rear axles are enclosed in water proof tubes, sealed by flexible gaiters to the hull and to the differentials to allow normal suspension movement. These and other modification pushed the weight up to 1600kg (3600lbs).

amphib jeep
seep interior

The cockpit has more control levers than you can poke a stick at: 2WD/4WD, hi-range/ lo-range, capstan winch (on the bows), rudder and propeller.

The Seep's intended use was to ferry soldiers to and from ships off-shore, to trundle up the beach and continue inland. They were not very successful. It had been planned to build 12000 of them (Clayton '82) but only 5000 were produced (Carlin '89), all by Ford. It is reported that many of the Jeeps that were used in battle sank if there were any significant waves at all. Nevertheless, a highly modified amphibious Jeep called `Half-Safe' crossed the Atlantic ocean in 1950 and continued on to circle the world.

- 4wd.sofcom.com/Mil/Mil.html

Ford GPA : Specifications

  • amphibious, 2+2 seats, no doors, safety: life jackets?
  • loa: 15' 2", width 64" weight: 3650lbs (unladen!)
  • 2199cc petrol, 4 cyls, 2 valves/cyl side-valve
  • transmission: 3 speed, 2 speed transfer case part-time 4WD, propellor driven from PTO
  • suspension: beam-leaf/beam-leaf, brakes: drum/drum
  • tyres: 6.00x16, fuel tank: 12 gallons

See the Amphibious Jeep `Half-Safe', GAZ 46 (MAV), Ford GPW, Jeep MB, Amphibians and Military Vehicles pages

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