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Chevrolet 15cwt 4X4 military truck.

Chev 15cwt CMP army truck

Chev' 15cwt 4x4 Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) world war two army truck at the 1997 National 4x4 Show. The Chev' belongs to members of the Historical Reenactment Society of Australia.

Chev CMP tru ck

This 1942 Chevrolet G15A (Blitz) 4WD truck has got another life and is often seen driving around town, here at the Land Rover Owners' Club Field Day. The car park always contains some interesting vehicles.


Anzac Day '00: [Probably] a Chev. Note the mirror on top hinge. Ford fixed between hinges. Airvents. Chev' (Canadian) has the front of the vent sloping inwards bottom to top, as in pic', Chev.... Age - about 1941. 13 cab type - note extended hinges allowing doors to open wider. Result of Brit' request - later hubs had flange at each wheel. The box behind spare does not appear to be Canadian/Brit' type. Shovels usually behind cab. Some cabs were built in Australia. These have verticle oblong vents, corners rounded. Floors were different too. - Mike Read

43 C 8 A

And the owner writes: The Blitz above is a 1943 C8AX, one of the rarest type of Blitzes made under a short order in early May of that year. They were all despatched to New Zealand where they were fitted with locally produced bodies. The body on mine however is the Australian GMH No 2 GS body and the Tool Locker and spare wheel carrier is of the Australian type. The vehicle apparently found its way to Australia after the war when a Sydney firm purchased a lot of vehicles in the pacific islands and imported them into Australia. Luckily mine went to Queensland where it suffered little from rust and was eventually purchased by my brother in 1970 and then me in 1997 and was restrored over the next three years. The Anzac Day outing was its second appearance and ensured that seven old diggers made it to the Shrine in comparative comfort - Marlene Schutt MarleneSchutt of bigpond com --> [10/'00]

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