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GAZ Four Wheel Drives

GAZ, Gorki'y Automobil Zavod

The history of GAZ began with the GAZ 61 (one of the first Russian offroad vehicles), constructed in 1938. In order to use it as a small military 4WD, the GAZ 61 was modified (it's better say "totally reconstructed" in a very short period (3 February - 25 March 1941) under the leadership of Vitaliy Grachev and was named GAZ 64. It looked like American Bantam with it's narrow track. After major modernization (wider track, new fenders, footboards, additional fuel tank under driver's seat), on 23rd September 1943 the GAZ 67 was produced. In all 92,843 GAZ 67 were built to autumn of 1953. In almost all hard offroad conditions the GAZ 67 was better than American Willys, Bantam and Ford. But it was less reliable and less economical (0.4 litre/km). There were also problems with brakes and it was hard to repair. After the WW2 some GAZ 67 spread around the world and even to Australia (see below)! The GAZ 67 was modified many times and in 1947 the GAZ 69 model appeared. It was created by Grigory Vasserman. The first serial GAZ 69 was made on 1st September 1953. At the end of 1954 production of GAZ 69 was moved to Ulianovsk (UAZ), where it was produced from 1956 to December 1972 when it was replaced by the UAZ-469. 634,285 of the GAZ 69 were built over all versions.
- Dmitry Bernt


1961 GAZ 69M

1961 GAZ 69M

While living in Warsaw, Poland, and working in Central / Eastern Europe, Jack Walter became intrigued by the looks of the Russian GAZ 69 vehicles.

With the help of GAZ enthusiast, Andrzej Zielinski, he purchased a 1961 GAZ69M, former Polish military vehicle (left) in fair condition.

These are "before" pictures as he intends to perform a frame-up restoration over the '97 winter.

Jack also attended a Polish 4WD Rally.

GAZ 69 Specifications

  • loa: 385cm (151") width: 175cm (69") height: 203cm (80")
  • wheel-base: 230cm (90.6") track: 144cm (57")
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 1525 Kg (3363 lbs)
  • Load Capacity 8 personnel or 2 personnel with 500 Kg (1103 lbs) load
  • Weight Distribution: Front Axle: 860 Kg (1896 lbs) Rear Axle: 665 Kg (1466 lbs)
  • Engine: 2.2L side-valve 4 Cyl. 55Hp @ 3600
    (On this truck replaced with a new Polish ZUK truck engine (2.2L ohv 120 Hp))
  • Max Speed: 90 Kmph (56 Mph)
  • Fuel (c) © L. A11ison --> Capacity: Main Tank: 48 Liter (12.7 U.S. Gallons) Secondary Tank (Switched): 27 Liters (7 U.S. Gallons)
  • Max Climb Angle (Uphill) 45 Deg.
  • Max Climb Angle (Downhill) 35 Deg.
My GAZ 69 after successfully having passed a truly wet mudhole during Sweden Offroad Tour in 1999. The GAZ is modified with a Volvo B20 engine and auto trans as well as 33" tires. This year's addition will be fender flares! --Lars Larsson


[GAZ 67B, jpg]
GAZ 67B, Australia Day Parade.

This GAZ-67B was built in 1943 and captured in Korea in 1950. The (c) © L. A11ison --> GAZ's front suspension is unusual, being by double quarter-elliptical springs (on each side). The springs are bolted to the chassis and face forward. One of each pair attaches to the top of the axle, one to the bottom, thus 4wd.sofcom.com --> resisting torque.

GAZ 67s were made 1942-1952 and were replaced by the GAZ-69 (above).

25th Seats: 4; wheelbase: 2100mm; track: 1449mm/1449mm; ground clearance: 227mm; weight: 1367kg; engine: 3270cc; power: 54hp at 2800

See the 46 (MAV) amphibious, 3937/39371, UAZ and Military vehicles pages

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