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Land Rover Specifications.

Land Rover: Range Rover, 1997

  • 4.6L V8 HSE:
  • station-wagon, 5 seats, 4 doors, twin air-bags, ABS
  • loa: 4713mm, width: 1889mm, height: 1817mm, weight: 2220kg (unladen)
  • GVM: 2780kg, towing: 750kg on-road, 500kg off road (unbraked)
  • wheelbase: 2745mm, track: 1540mm/1530mm, grnd clearance: 214mm
  • approach: 31-34, departure: 23-25, ramp break over: 151
  • turning radius: 5.95m (kerb to kerb)
  • 4554cc petrol V8 Efi 2v/cyl ohv
  • bore: 94mm, stroke: 82mm, c.r.: 8.35:1
  • power: 157kW at 4750rpm, torque: 358Nm at 3000rpm
  • transmission: 4a (or 5m U.K.), full-time 4WD, silent chain, centre diff' and viscous coupling, traction-control
  • suspension: live-air/live-air, brakes: disc/disc (ABS), transmission hand-brake
  • tyres: 255/65 R16 109H, fuel-tank: 100L
  • $114,500 (Aus)

  • 4L V8 SE:
    • 3950cc, 94mm x 71mm, 8.2:1, 132kW at 4750rpm, 304Nm at 3000rpm
    • tyres: 235/70 R16 105H
    • transmission: 4a (or 5m U.K.) ....
    • $99,500 (Aus)

  • 2.5L diesel: (not Aus')
    • 2497cc, 80mm x 82.8mm, 22:1, turbo-diesel 6cyl, 2v/cyl ohv (by BMW)
    • 100kW at 4400rpm, 270Nm at 2300rpm
    • transmission: 5m ....

  • Autobiography - limited edition, 18" wheels, $149,750
  • Note UK petrol engines c.r.: 9.34:1

Land Rover: Range Rover Classic

Discontinued 1995/1996.

Land Rover: Discovery 1997.

Discovery S, SE and SE7 models, also Rossignol limited edition.

  • station wagon, 5 (+2) seats, 4 doors, ABS & air bags on SE and SE7
  • loa: 4524mm, width: 1793mm, height: 1928mm (roof), 1968mm (rails)
  • wheelbase: 2540mm (100"), track: 1486mm/1486mm, grnd clearance: 206mm (min)
  • approach: 40, departure: 32.5, ramp break over: 151
  • turning radius: 5.95m
  • weight: 1905kg (unladen), GVM: 2720kg, towing: 750kg (unbraked)
  • V8i:
    • 3950cc, petrol (92 RON unleaded), V8, efi, 2-valves/cyl, ohv
    • bore: 94mm, stroke: 71mm, c.r.: 8.13:1
    • power: 134kW at 4750rpm, torque: 304Nm at 2600rpm
  • Turbo-diesel, direct injection, intercooled:
    • 300-series, 2495cc, diesel, 4-cyls, 2-valves/cyl, ohv
    • bore: 90mm, stroke: 97mm, c.r.: 19.5:1
    • power: 83kW at 4000rpm, torque: 265Nm at 1800rpm
  • transmission: 5m/4a, 2-speed transfer case, full-time 4WD, lockable centre diff'
    hi ratio: 1.222:1, low ratio: 3.320:1, axle diff' ratio: 3.54:1
  • suspension: live-coil/live-coil, brakes: disc/disc
  • 2mm steel ladder chassis, many aluminium alloy body panels
  • tyres: 205R16 or 235/70R16, fuel-tank: 88L
  • $39,990 (`S') - $51,570 (`SE7'), $Aus

Manual (V8 or Tdi) $39,990 $42,990 $49,120
Auto' (V8 or Tdi) $42,440 $45,440 $51,570

Rossignol: V8i auto: $57,500, Tdi auto: $57,500

Land Rover: Defender 110 (D110) 1996, 1995.

Land Rover: Defender 130 (D130) 1996, 1995.

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