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The Land Rover Register 1947 - 1953, Australia.

Michael Bishop

[4WD four wheel drive: picture of Landrover 1948 SI model 4x4, jpeg]

This Register of early Land Rovers in Australia was started in 1980 by Australian members of The Land Rover Register 1947 - 1953, in England. The Australian Register has always been kept up by Australian Register members. As of 12/98 The Australian Register has a well over 500 known Land Rovers produced between 1948 and 1953 (80" wheelbase) and in various conditions. Pictured (right) is 1948 Land Rover chassis number R860997 restored by a UK and an Australian Land Rover Register member [your scribe]. The Register's main aim is to promote the use and the restoration, when needed of early Land Rovers. In order to become involved in the Australian Register join The Land Rover Register 1947 - 1953: [web page].

The 80" Land Rover started life in 1948 as a basic multi-purpose utility. The Basic Model Land Rover was joined in 1949 by the Land Rover Station Wagon, or Estate Car, Mobile Welder, Mobile Compressor and Fire Engine models.

Landrover 80inch station wagon

The Station Wagons and Mobile Welders had their own separate chassis number sequences. The compressor and fire engine models were kept in the basic model chassis number sequence Between 1948 and 1953 a great number of parts changed. Some of the part changes are further explained in the Land Rover 1948 to 1953 80" information page The only 80" Land Rover part changes that the factory changes do not apply to are the Belgian Minerva Land Rovers. The engine, gear-box and axles of these vehicles were standard factory items so some of the mechanical changes may apply.


The 80" wheelbase Land Rover's are easily distinguishable from later Land Rover's as they look tiny by comparison and differ in many other features. To identify the different year models it is best to start with the chassis number which is stamped on the left hand engine mounting bracket on the chassis.

The Land Rover 1948 to 1953 80" Information page

The Land Rover 1948 to 1953 80" information page gives detailed information on VIN numbers and detailed list of part changes and evolution of the 80" model.

50th: 1998

The 50th year has been very big for all Land Rover enthusiasts. I myself made sure that this once in a lifetime event was completed to the full. I have been to, so far, the Australian 50th organised by the Land Rover Owners club of Victoria in Cooma, and the Series One club 50th in the UK at Shugborough Hall. I was also able to go to the Land Rover Owner magazine show at Billing. I also made it to the Land Rover Register 1947 to 1953 Switzerland 50th anniversary commemorative tour. I have put together a description and a few photos of Cooma, Shugborough and the Swiss tour.

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