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Range Rover (Classic) FAQ: Identification and Guide.

1987 and 1988 models are distinguished externally from all other years by the exhaust outlet being turned out to the (left) side at the tailpipe. Internally, have old style door trim, 3.5 engine and gear driven transfer case with manual diff lock.

1989 and all later have tailpipe turned down and airdam with more holes, and if you peep inside you'll notice the new style of door trim came in. 89 had old style (thin) plastic rocker trim, and half way through 89 the exterior door hinges disappeared. Internally -- 3.9 engine and chain driven transfer case with automatic (viscous) locking diff. Also during 1989 County model introduced with large amounts of burlwood trim. Range Rover wins Four Wheeler of the Year award by a landslide margin.

1990 -- New deeper plastic rocker trim, otherwise similar external appearance. Internally -- antilock brakes added. Regular and County models continue.

1990/91 limited "Great Divide" model produced similar to 1990 County but with American walnut trim instead of burl, external logos and one-piece bumper/brushbar.

1991 -- Gas filler flap moved upward and rearward (due to increased tank capacity) is only outward difference; from behind the swaybars can be seen on "regular " and County models. Hunter model introduced (500 produced only) which had none (also had cloth trim and no airdam). Internally -- minor differences such as "improved" EFI sensors.

1992 -- Glass sunroof replaces old style metal one. Land Rover logo appears on tailgate. 2 models: regular (similar to Hunter but with airdam and leather) and County (beaucoup wood trim and sway bars).

1993 -- County LWB introduced (108" wheelbase with electronic air suspension and 4.2 litre engine); outer appearance 8 inches rear door. Coil sprung 100" wheelbase model continued as County with 3.9 engine.

1994 -- County LWB continues as main model. Dash layout refurbished w/airbags. Short run of regular 100 inch County produced with air suspension and old style dash w/out airbags.

1995 --County LWB continues for a while before being replaced by 4.0 SE with new body shape. Short wheelbase (100 inch) model returns as County Classic with County LWB style dash, air suspension, 3.9 engine, and County Classic logo on tailgate.

Maybe these are oversimplified and some details could be wrong, but it's a start. Can someone put it on an FAQ??? -->


- John Brabyn (brabyn@skivs.ski.org) [9/'95]

Land Rover page or the Range Rover (Classic) page

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