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Land Rover Discovery 1996.

[1996 Landrover Discovery Tdi side pictures] Here's a bog standard 1996 Land Rover Discovery Tdi (chassis number SALLJGMF7TA526913). The bigger 235/70R16 tyres on alloy wheels became the default in 5 doors this year, in Australia at least. Other standard items include head-light washers, air conditioning, air bags and ABS - all to fight off the Jeep Cherokee with similar features. You get a lot of Land Rover for around 50K (Aus), less to a fleet buyer. Will the 2 door Discovery be with us for much longer?

[1996 Landrover Discovery Tdi rear picture] The Discovery's rear door opens nice and wide. It is heavy with the spare wheel mounted on it, but the strut is strong and controls the door well - unlike the contraptions fitted to some earlier Land Rovers!

Two inwards-facing, folding "occasional" seats are fitted in the rear compartment. They are not as comfortable as the main seats (ok for the school run?) but have adequate head room thanks to the kick-up in the roof-line. They have seat-belts but are obviously not as safe as forward facing seats.

[1996 Landrover Discovery Tdi interior picture] It is hard to get excited about car interiors and the Discovery's is no exception to the rule.

The large boss of the steering wheel houses the driver's air-bag. There is a passenger's air-bag too and the grab-handle on the dash-board is gone which is double good news for crash safety.

The seats are excellent - firm and comfortable.

1996 Land Rover Discovery Specifications.

  • station-wagon, 5 seats, +2 extra rear seats optional on 3-door & 5-door and std on ES, 3 or 5 doors, twin air-bags - optional on 3 door, standard on 5 door & ES
  • loa: 4524mm, width: 1793mm, height: 1928mm [1968mm roof rails], weight: 1865kg (unladen) (1900kg 5 door)
  • GVM: 2720kg, towing: 750kg on-road, 500kg off-road unbraked grnd clearance: 206mm
  • approach: 40, departure: 32, ramp break-over: 151
  • 3950cc petrol V8 Efi 2v/cyl ohv
  • bore: 94mm, stroke: 71mm, c.r.: 8.13:1
  • or 300 Tdi: 2495cc, 90mm x 97mm, 19.5:1, turbo-charged direct-injection intercooled, max boost 0.8 - 1.0 bar, 83 at 4000r, 265 at 1800r
  • transmission: 5m/4a, hi/lo, full-time 4WD, lockable centre diff'
  • suspension: live-coil/live-coil, brakes: disc/disc (ABS on 5-doors), transmission hand-brake
  • tyres: 205R16, 16x7 wheels, (235/70 R16 on ES), fuel-tank: 88.5L
  • 44,995 (Aus) (3dr) - 67,170 5-door ES Tdi auto'

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