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2001: Diablo VT $499K ($au), still cheap at the price.

2000: The covers come off the new Diablo 6 in Melbourne. The big news is a price reduction from nearly $600,000 for the Diablo VT in 1999 down to $455,000 for the new car (I'll have two). The reasons are said to be improvements in the exchange rate of the $au v. the lira, and reduced Australian duty and margins.


These black cars are left hand drive prototypes, to be returned to the factory in Italy.

Leather trim is standard, Alcantara trim an option, at the same price. The car also comes with a "specially tailored 2-piece lugagge set".


The 2000 Diablo has a revised 6-litre V12 engine with slightly more power (405kW at 7100rpm) and torque (620Nm at 5500rpm) than before. It is said to accelerate from 0-100km/h in under 4 seconds. Should you take it shopping, the front can be raised at the press of a button to negotiate the shopping centre's ramps.


The gearbox has 5 forward ratios and drives into a 4 wheel drive, viscous traction system on the VT; the SV model has conventional rear wheel drive.

  • coupe, 2-seats, 2-doors
  • loa: 4470mm, width: 2200mm (mirrors), height: 1105mm
  • wheelbase: 2650mm, track: 1610mm/1670mm
  • weight: 1625kg (unladen), distribution front:rear 41%:59%
  • 5992cc, petrol, 60° V12, mpfi, 4-valves/cyl, dohc
  • bore: 87mm, stroke: 84mm, c.r.: 10.7:1
  • power: 405kW at 7100rpm, torque: 620Nm at 5500rpm
  • transmission: 5m (2.31:1, 1.52:1, 1.12:1, 0.88:1, 0.68:1; rev 2.125:1), 4x4 with viscous coupling to front on `VT', transfer case to rear 1.619:1, front diff' 2.812:1, rear diff' 2.410:1
  • suspension: indep/indep, brakes: disc/disc
  • tyres: 235/35ZR18 front, 335/30ZR18 rear, fuel-tank: 100L
  • price: $455,000 ($au 1/2000)
  • rivals: Ferrari, Porsche 911 T

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2001: Diablo replacement 2001/2002.
1998: Bought by VW.
1993: Bought by Megatech. 1992 Diablo VT 4x4 --> 1989 Diablo -->
1987: Taken over by Chrysler. 1982 LM002 4WD --> 1981 Jalpa --> 1976 Silhouette -->
1972: Company sold. to Rosetti, Swiss? --> 1971 Countach --> 1970 Urraco -->
1970: Jarama, front engined 1968 Islero -->
1968: Espada 4 seat, 1968? - 1978 -->
1966: 400GT 2+2 V12 1966-1968? -->
1966: Muira V12 transverse mid-engined, 1966-1972
1964: 350GT V12, 1964-1967
1963: First Lamborghini car by the then tractor manufacturer!

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