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Movies and notable TV programmes that feature four wheel drives in significant or quirky ways.


And God Created Jeep (1956)
(aka And God Created Woman) Brigitte Bardot's husband's brother does a flashy bit of 4WD beach driving in a war-surplus Jeep MB (like [this]) on his way to rescue her from a burning boat after which they succumb to their lust for each other. Directed by Roger Vadim.
Bond, James Bond (various)
James Bond movies are often good for sightings of four wheel drives and other boy toys.
Breakdown (1997)
Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan's Jeep Cherokee breaks down (the product-placement no one wanted to have?) in nowhere, leaving them open to a tale of kidnapping, violence and chases.
Broken Arrow (1996)
John Travolta takes some Hummers and other military hardware for a burn.
Charlie's Angels (2000)
More of a cartoon of a movie than even Mission Impossible or a Bond flic. Bosley (Bill Murray) gives a Ford Bronco a bit of a work out in support of the Angels (Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrimore, Lucy Liu).
The Gods Must Be Crazy
The ultimate Land Rover movie with the 4X4 winching itself up a tree not to mention the broken hand-brake sequence and many other gags surely inspired by the Keystone Cops.
Heartbreak Ridge (1984)
Clint Eastwood trains a bunch of misfits into a "crack fighting team", trouble is they only have the island of Granada to go and monster. Still, there are numerous M151 Mutts, 6x6 trucks and even a 8x8 ASLAV in US guise to watch.
The Italian Job (1969)
The Italian Job is well known for the destruction of a Lamborghini Muira in the opening minutes and for the `race through the sewers' sequence in Mini Minors at the height of the action. The film also features a 4x4 Dodge Command Car, which accompanies the gold truck before the theft, and a Land Rover S2A LWB used by the thieves to hijack it. Stars Michael Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill - as a computer nerd who puts Rome's traffic lights out of action!
Judge Dredd (1995)
The world of the future needs FC101 4x4 taxis.
Kiss or Kill (1997)
Australian action thriller and road-movie.
The Lost World (1997)
Son of Jurassic Park, Mercedes Benz M-class on show this time.
Mission Impossible II (2000)
There is a good car chase featuring an Audi TT and a Porsche. In the finale there is a Nissan Patrol doing things that normal Patrol 4x4s certainly do not. From an Australian point of view, the local expert's accent grates and just why did the good guys have a headquarters in Whoop-Whoop when most of the action is set in Sydney?
Swordfish (2001)
Features TVR sports cars, Lincoln Navigator 4x4s, another four wheel drive or two, John Travolta as a jewel thief, or is it spy, Gabriel Shear, Hugh Jackman (ra, ra, aussie) as a computer hacker, Ms --> Halle Berry.
Tea with Mussolinni (1999)
A gem of a movie, with Judie Dench, Maggie Smith and Cher, set in Italy in the 1930s and 1940s. A band of ex-patriate (mostly-) English women refuse to leave because of the war and are interned. Vehicles: Jeeps, Dodge weapons carriers and International half-tracks. Blooper: the Germans roll into Florence in a Sherman tank.
Terminator (1984?)
Sarah Connors drives into an uncertain future in a Jeep Renegade at the end of the movie.
Three Colours: Red (date?)
Stars a red Jeep Wrangler with a black hard-top. It belongs to a budding lawyer who is in love with the wrong girl but meets the right girl thanks to the efforts of a retired judge. Strangely the previous two films in the series, `Three Colours: Blue', and `Three Colours: White', feature neither blue nor white Jeeps. The makers only came to their senses with the final part of the trilogy.
Tomb Raider (2001).
Toys (1992)
The owner of a toy factory leaves it to his military brother (Michael Gambon) rather than his flaky son (Robin Williams) or daughter on his death. It's just a glimpse, but the brother arrives in a Lamborghini LM002 4x4 at the start of the film.
Twister 1996
A Jeep CJ10 gets in on the action.



Bush Tucker Man (1996)
Hamish Macbeth (1996, 1997)
Malcolm Douglas
Sara (1996)

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