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Jeep Trailers.

S. Weiser.

From: Scott Weiser <Scott.Weiser at colorado.edu>
Newsgroups: rec.autos.4x4
Subject: Re: Military Jeep Trailers- Who sells them?
Date: 29 Dec 1995 02:50:58 GMT
Organization: University of Colorado at Boulder
U.S. Surplus Expediters
PO Box 158
1000 East 1700 South
Clearfield, UT  84015-0158
They have numerous M-101 1/4 Ton trailers, some better than others, a couple were pretty cherry with little or no rust. They also have some M-105 trailers, the larger ones with 110"x 83" ID on box, used with the deuce & 1/2, which have 9.00 x 20" Budd wheels, good for HUMMERs with a bit of lowering to get the pintle to match up and a new axle with electric brakes.

Tell them I referred you.


Smith & Edwards Surplus
3936 N. Hiway 126
Ogden, UT 84404
They have *acres* of trailers and old military surplus.

Don't buy one sight unseen unless you are willing to put up with rust, body damage, etc. and repair it. Insist on pictures and serial number verification. Better yet, grab a plane to Salt Lake and inspect it yourself, or hire me to go out and broker for you. If you are *really* interested, let me know e-mail *this weekend*, as I am going out to Salt Lake on Sunday the 7th.

I'm sure we can work something out as far as inspecting/brokering/shipping.

Don't know where you can get the even smaller M-100, which is the genuine "Jeep" trailer, but if you have an immediate need, I can check with a couple of sources. The key is how much you are willing to pay, how fast you can jump on the deal, and how much you trust the dealer.

I got an absolutely cherry M-105 rebuilt and repainted in 1989 with *no* rust for $450, was quoted $450-650 on M-101's, and once paid $2000 for an M-101 with HMMWV hubs and a hydraulic surge brake. As you can see, quite a variance.


Scott Weiser

P.S. *Always* insist on proper title paperwork, with the proper signatures of the original purchaser at the government auction and the proper chain of title for each owner after.

I bought a trailer with the "original" DRMO paperwork from a guy in California, only to find that the DRMO listed someone else, a guy in Utah for which my guy was selling the trailer, as the "owner of record", and Colorado refused to title the trailer, citing the "shadow ownership" as title fraud, a felony.

I had to send the paperwork back to the guy I bought it from, pay sales tax in California (twice what I would have paid here), and pay for California plates and registration which I never used, all to get a valid California title which Colorado would accept when applying for re-titling in Colorado. Cost me about $200 extra.

Some states are not as rigid, but you'd better check *first* to see what you need in the way of title papers for an out-of-state purchase of surplus government vehicles. Make proper titling part of the *written* sales agreement, so you have an out if you can't get it titled for some reason.

Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 14:34:29 -0800
From: "Charles Aarons" <m37 at gci.net>

There's an error in "eNews", reference "Jeep Trailers". The 1/4 ton "Jeep trailer" is the M416, not the M101. The M416 comes with 7.00x16 tires. The M101 referred to is the 3/4 ton trailer, with wheels, tires and bolt pattern identical to the beloved (at least by me!) M37 3/4 ton, which was in use ~1950-recent, mfg'd 1950-1968. The tires are 9.00x16. The M105 is a 1.5 ton trailer with 9.00x20s. It's a bit large for anything in the 1 ton category or under. The M101 is perfect for 3/4-1 ton tow vehicles
- Charles Aarons

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