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Daewoo Musso 4WD

2001 May: Prices, 5-speed manual from $36,990, and automatic from $39,990 ($au 5/2001).

Daewoo has tried hard to keep prices down on the Musso, re-released in 1998 after the take-over of Ssangyong, in the fiercely competitive family 4WD wagon market. A limited slip diff' is standard but the option of ABS brakes is deleted. The petrol model has a full-time 4WD system, but the diesel makes do with part-time 4WD.

- 4wd.sofcom.com/4WD.html

Daewoo Musso 1999 - 2001 manufacturer's figures

  • LWB stn wgn, 5 seats (+2 optional), 4 doors, driver's airbag
  • loa: 4656mm, width: 1864mm, height: 1735mm
  • wheelbase: 2630mm (104"), track: 1510mm/1520mm, grnd clearance: 195mm
  • approach: 31, departure: 28
  • turning radius: 5.8m,
  • weight: 1890kg-1920kg (unladen), GVM: 2510kg, towing: 750 (unbraked)
  • petrol
    • IL63200, 3199cc, petrol, 6-cyls, mpfi, 4-valves/cyl, dohc
    • bore: 89.9mm, stroke: 84.0mm, c.r.: 10.0:1
    • power: 161kW at 5750rpm, torque: 310Nm at 4000rpm
    • LPG conversion not recommended
  • diesel
    • 2874cc, diesel, 5-cyls, indirect injection, turbo, intercooler, 2-valves/cyl, sohc
    • bore: 89mm, stroke: 92.4mm, c.r.: 22:1
    • power: 88kW at 4000rpm, torque: 250Nm at 2250rpm
  • transmission: 5m (3.97:1, 2.34:1, 1.46:1, 1.0:1, 0.85:1, rev 3.7:1)/ 4-auto', petrol: full-time 4WD, diff ratio 3.73:1, diesel: part-time 4WD, diff ratio 4.27:1
  • suspension: double wishbones & torsion-bars/ live-axle 5-links & coils, brakes: disc/disc
  • tyres: 255/70 R 15 (29" o.a.d.) on alloy wheels - petrol (235/75 R 15 on steel wheels - diesel), fuel-tank: 72L (80L diesel)
  • standard: LSD, air con', power windows, central locking, immobiliser (petrol only), CD player
  • warranty: 3 years / 100K km
  • r.r. prices (2/1999): 2.9 diesel manual $41,500, 2.9 diesel auto' $44,000, 3.2 petrol manual $44,500, 3.2 petrol auto' $47,000
    r.r. prices (dropped 7/1999): petrol & diesel manual $40,000, automatic $42,500 still 5/2000 -->
    & post GST (7/2000) 2.9 diesel manual $37,959, 2.9 diesel auto' $40,307; 3.2 petrol manual $37,878, 3.2 petrol auto' $40,227 ($au)
    5/2001: 5-speed manual from $36,990, automatic from $39,990 ($au 5/2001)
  • includes: scheduled servicing for 3 years, dealer charges, Daewoo roadside assistance for 3 years
  • competition: Ford Explorer, GM Holden Jackaroo, Jeep Cherokee, Land Rover Discovery, Mitsubishi Pajero
  • UK: went on sale in the UK March 1999.

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