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California (Continued)

Online Traffic School Course
Traffic ticket dismissal's got more easy & affordable over internet! Take our traffic school course online from the comfort of your home.
Main Contact Person: Monalisa
Email Address: ofmonalisa@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.idrivesafely.com/traffic-school.html
Postal Address: San Marcos
City / Region: Carlsbad
Zip Code: 92008

The Online Driving University was founded by The Driver Training Group, an industry leader in traditional driving education. Realizing the importance of bringing it's years of experience to the online drivers education field, TDTG has committed itself to developing and distributing the finest online driving classes.
Web Address: http://www.onlinedrivinguniversity.com/
Postal Address: California
City / Region: California

Pacific Coast 4x4 Association
Open to owners of any four wheel drive vehicle. Family oriented club.
Main Contact Person: Michael Medart
Email Address: bigblue@anacapa.net
City / Region: Ventura, CA

Pasadena 4wheelers
Open to all vehicles.
Main Contact Person: Troy Stubblefield
Email Address: realgames@sprynet.com
City / Region: Pasadena, CA

Patreiot jeepers
doyou have a date for realese?
Main Contact Person: Betsy
Email Address: bewe1hamilton@charter.net
Postal Address: 290 Cheyenne Dive
City / Region: paso Robles
Zip Code: 93446

Payroll Tax Calculator Federal & State Tax Calculator Pay My Check
Pay My Check -Payroll Tax Calculator is a complete payroll software package for small- and mid-sized businesses which maximize payroll processing productivity and enhance profits.
Main Contact Person: jessy
Email Address: seo.mudiam@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.paymycheck.info/

Placer Traffic School
Placer Traffic School.California Placer County Traffic School is a court approved traffic school which can help you in dismissing traffic tickets from your driver record through online. Get solutions for all your traffic educational needs online.
Main Contact Person: Ronaldo
Email Address: placertrafficschool3@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.placer-trafficschool.com/
Postal Address: 5770 Armada Drive, Suite 200
City / Region: Carlsbad
Zip Code: 92008

Point Mugu 4 Wheel Drive Club
Open to any 4X4.
Main Contact Person: Dennis Ambrecht
Email Address: ambrecht@worldnet.att.net
City / Region: Oxnard, CA

Rock Crawling Jeep Society.
Main Contact Person: Mitch Gianola
Email Address: msg516@gte.net

Rat Pack 4x4 Club
The Rat Pack is a 4x4 club open to most all types of 4x4 vehicles. We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month, except December.
Main Contact Person: Bob Cole
Email Address: Rat_Pack@bleach.net
Web Address: http://www.cal4wheel.com/rat_pack/
City / Region: Redding
Zip Code: 96003

Meeting notifications on site, as well as by mailing list.
Main Contact Person: Josh Schulz
Email Address: Josh@rebel4x4.net
Web Address: http://www.rebel4x4.net/
City / Region: Orange County

Rim of the World 4WD Club
This club was established in 1986 for people to join together and enjoy the back-country via 4WD.
Main Contact Person: Mike Garland
Email Address: Mike71JP@aol.com
Web Address: http://www.rim4wdclub.com/
City / Region: Running Springs

Riverside 4 Wheelers
Open to all 4x4 owners. Includes a watercraft division.
Main Contact Person: Ed Dahl
Email Address: eddahl@gte.net
City / Region: Southern CA

Riverside Ruff Riders
The Riverside Ruff Riders is a family oriented four wheel drive club. The Ruff Riders have no limitations regarding vehicle types. The Ruff Riders currently have early model Ford Broncos, early model Toyota Land Cruisers, Jeeps and Jeep Cherokees.
Email Address: crvldv@earthlink.net
Web Address: http://www.geocities.com/~rivruffriders
City / Region: Riverside, CA

Roughwheelers IV Club (The RoughWheelers)
Lead, follow or get out of the way! A 4x4 club open to all vehicles. Meetings & weekend trips happen monthly. Please see website for more info! :-)
Main Contact Person: Rooster or Montego
Email Address: See_Website@RoughWheelers.com
Web Address: http://www.RoughWheelers.com
City / Region: Redondo Beach, CA
Zip Code: 90278

The San Diego 4 Wheelers is one of the largest and oldest 4WD vehicle clubs in southern California. The club is a non-profit family oriented organization and support Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation within the spirit of Tread Lightly. It helps in the maintenance and preservation of existing 4WD OHV opportunities and the creation of new opportunities where possible. The principal function of the club is to promote and participate in safe and responsible off-highway four wheel drive activities and to educate the public on how to properly use and conserve our lands.
Main Contact Person: Mike Kunz
Email Address: MKunz@aol.com
Web Address: http://www.sd4wheel.com
City / Region: San Diego, CA

San Bernardino traffic school
San Bernardino Traffic School courses are easy, faster and entertaining to cover! Take our San Bernardino California Traffic School courses @ $14.95 to cancel your traffic tickets and avail insurance discounts all at your convenience and flexibility.

Main Contact Person: pearl
Email Address: sanbernardinotrafficschool@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.sanbernardino-trafficschool.com
Postal Address: 294 la more road
City / Region: san marcos, CA
Zip Code: 92078

San Diego Outbacks
A fun-loving 4X4 Club open to all rypes of 4-wheel drives. Club is limited to 25 families.
Main Contact Person: Frenchie LaChance
Email Address: frenchie@tmisnet.com
City / Region: Ramona , CA

San Francisco Traffic School
San Francisco Traffic School is DMV/Court approved for traffic ticket dismissal that helps clean your driving record. Online San Francisco Traffic School California provides knowledge of all the driving techniques and driver laws in San Francisco County.
Main Contact Person: James Hudson
Email Address: sanfranciscotraffic@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.sanfrancisco-trafficschool.com
Postal Address: 294 la Moree
City / Region: San Macros
Zip Code: 92078

San Luis Obispo County 4 Wheeldrive Club
The SLO 4-Wheelers, a San Luis Obispo County based club, was formed in the spring of '94. The SLO 4-Wheelers has quickly grown to be a very active club, with members who hail from all parts of SLO County. We're either out enjoying the trails, working to protect our access to them, or just having a generally good time at one of the many 4-wheeling events and social activities of the club.
Main Contact Person: Lynn A. Stokes
Email Address: lstokes@callamer.com
Web Address: http://slo4wheelers.org/
City / Region: Atascadero, CA

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