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2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 70


The iconic 70 series Land Cruisers remains a true workhorse around the globe.  Originally introduced in 1984, this highly capable off-roader never left anyone disappointed.  The vehicle has been renowned for its sheer prowess and off road capabilities. It remains a true successor to the famous 40 series. Over the past 29 years, the vehicle went through many changes and revisions: a lot of cosmetic changes, transition from leaf spring at front to coil sprung suspension, and bigger engine displacement. The basic models lack the luxury equipments, but the ruggedness and off-roading capabilities it offers remains matchless.

It has been sold around the globe in almost every region – with the exception of US – as a utility vehicle for operation in all kind of rugged terrain and areas. It has been offered in short wheel, long wheel and pickup versions. The short wheelbase versions has been phased out in many markets, the long wheel base and the pickup versions remains popular in Australia. One may hardly see the 70 series in the towns, but they are a regular sights at mining area or any outdoor place. The new 2013 model adds a double cab pickup version. All versions are powered by a single 4.5 Liter V8 turbo-diesel engine which has been sourced from the 200 series Land Cruiser. This engine is offered with a single turbo as opposed to dual turbo found in the 200 series. The engine is capable enough to produce 151 kW of power and 430 Nm of torque at wheels.

The 2013 70 series is offered in three body styles: cab, troop carrier and wagon.  The Cab adds a new double cab version to its range. All three versions are powered by 4.5 liter turbo-diesel engine, mated to 5 speed manual.  All versions have all around disc brakes and air cleaner snorkel as standard.  The GXL is the highest trim in all three body styles that adds luxury equipment, such as fog lamps, locking front and rear differential, power antenna and chrome bumpers.  The single cab has two three trim levels: Workmate, GX and GXL.  The double cab has only two: Workmate and GXL. The limited slip differential is standard on GX and the Workmate versions whereas the GXL adds the locking read and front differential as standard and optional on the GX version.  The Workmate comes with 16 inch steel wheels, whereas the GX and GXL have alloys.  The cab versions are sold without a tray.

The Troopcarrier comes in two trim packages, namely a workmate and GXL.  As the implies, the workmate is the basic version and can carry 3 to 11 person, depending on the configuration.  The GXL is the luxury version and seats 5 persons. The alloys are absent in the workmate whereas present on the GXL version.  It has two 90 liter tanks that give a decent range of well over 1500 kilometers. The four door wagon is the range topper and is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive 200 series land cruiser.  The basic model is the Workmate and GXL is the high end version. The Workmate has black bumpers, steel wheels and air snorkel. The GXL version comes with alloys, locking rear and front differential as standard, fog lamps, power antena and many other things.

Pricing start at a little above $58,790 (before on road) Australian dollar and goes up to $77,024 Australian dollar for fully loaded troop carrier version. Numerous optional items, such as bull bars and lightning, are sold separately for the 70 series Land Cruiser.


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