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2013 Nissan Dualis / Qashqai


Also known as Nissan Qashqai, Nissan Dualis is one of the best selling Nissan cars worldwide. It is a small and good looking SUV offering just enough space to comfortable seat five people and take them on a ride. It sits in a compact crossover utility cars class. Many will say it is small but once you spend a little time with it, it becomes pretty clear that it has enough room to be the first and last car in the family. Did we mention it looks good as well? It looks good in an non-intrusive way and we like that. Dualis aged quite well and considering it was first released in 2007 it still looks fresh. It did get a nice restyling update but the overall design is today the same as when it first came out. We like that as well, since cars that age well are highly sought after on second hand market as well. Thumbs up to engineers and designers.

Front wheel drive is standard but you can opt for four wheel drive as well. Both diesel and petrol engines are available. Which engines are available depends on where you live. Only four cylinder engines are available and that is ok, considering the size of the car. From 1.6 liter to 2.0 liter petrol or diesel, we are sure you will find an engine that suits your driving style and budget.

Standard equipment that comes with 2013 Nissan Dualis is plenty enough. iPod connection, cruise control and Bluetooth phone system are just some of the things that will make your drive pleasant and effortless and NCAP five star safety rating will make your drive safe as well. Opt for one level higher and you will get dual zone climate control air conditioning, panoramic roof and leather interior. We are in luxurious waters here. Go even higher and reverse camera and 18″ alloy wheels will make the experience even better. A wide range of accessories such as body side moldings, bonnet protections and tow bar can be had for a little extra. These extra accessories can really add a final touch to the vehicle making it better looking and more usable.

In addition to five star NCAP ratings you will be glad to hear that as standard Nissan decided to add six airbags and electronic stability control. ABS and traction control are of course standard as well. All major safety features are there so that even an entry level Dualis is full featured in that regard.

We forgot to mention this earlier but let’s take a look at it now. Nissan decided to offer slightly longer version of Dualis for people that need two extra seats. It is called +2 or -L version, depending for each market the car was made. So Nissan took care of those who need seven seats or think the car is too small. At the end, with the equipment, safety features and extra two seats this seems like a pretty complete package. We sure like it!


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