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Celebrating 25 years of the Land Rover Discovery


In case you haven’t been caught up in the celebrations just yet, Land Rover is throwing a huge party in honour of it being 25 years since the first Discovery 4×4 rolled off the production line.

Land Rover Discovery-1

The British car giant is marking the occasion by launching the Land Rover Discovery Exclusive XXV Special Edition; a SUV packed with award-winning technological features that is available in four stylish exterior colours.

Land Rover Discovery-4
2014 Land Rover Discovery XXV (Image Credit:

However, while the future of the Land Rover Discovery family is undoubtedly exciting, it’s also important to remember the best of the range so far.

There’s been a lot of Discovery models released through the years but here’s our celebration of some of the most iconic models from the range:


The original Discovery

 Land Rover Discovery-6
1989 Land Rover Discovery (Image Credit: Motorparks)

Land Rover launched the original Discovery back in 1989, with a primary aim of making this 4×4 a part of an entirely different car segment, instead of a rival to the Range Rover.

As a result, the Discovery was designed with a slightly more compact chassis — just two side doors and a tail door — as well as huge side decals and a Sonar Blue interior for added effect.

The fact that more than one million Land Rover Discovery models have been sold in total across the globe gives a huge indication that this approach has been well received by motorists.

The award-winning Discovery models

Every company, no matter the industry, faces a huge challenge when they try to update a beloved product. Fortunately, Land Rover managed to hit the right note time and time again.

Land Rover Discovery-7
2009 Land Rover Discovery 3 (Image Credit:  Car Pages)

There was the seven-seat Land Rover Discovery 3, for example, which was presented with the Best Used 4×4 award by What Car? magazine in 2009 — a testament to the vehicle’s longevity.

At the time the Discovery 3 won the award, the used car editor at What Car?, Matt Sanger, told the official Land Rover website: “The Discovery’s credentials are impeccable. Designed and built by the most famous 4×4 company in the world, it’s extremely capable in the rough, yet extremely comfortable on the road.”

Land Rover Discovery 4
2010 Land Rover Discovery 4 (Image Credit: Car

A year later and Land Rover was honoured again by What Car?, this time with the Discovery 4 being named the Best 4×4 outright by the motoring magazine. This was no easy feat, especially when you take into account that the car was up against the likes of the stylish BMW X5 and the exquisite Mercedes ML.

This time, Steve Fowler, editor of What Car? in 2010, discussed the reasoning behind the Discovery 4 winning the award to the Land Rover website. He pointed out: “When you consider that the Discovery is so many great cars in one, it’s a bargain.”

The new Land Rover Discovery Exclusive XXV Special Edition is set to launch later this year, with prices starting at around £63,000 (~$100,000).

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