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2012 Honda CRV European Prototype Review

This year’s Geneva Motor show may have probably housed the introduction of the newest Japanese SUVs made specifically for the European market. Not to be outdone in the competition, Honda also launched the European spec for the CRV crossover. The car won’t be in the showrooms of UK until the autumn of 2012, but enthusiasts couldn’t help but speculate on what is in store for the car lovers of Europe.

Despite the persistence of those who couldn’t wait to lay their eyes on the car, Honda remains tightlipped with limited giveaway information on their newest development. Enthusiasts are only left with a promise that the European prototype of the CRV takes on a more aggressive stance along with deeper sculpting of the body lines that goes well with a bolder front fascia. Aesthetics wise, the lower front bumper will be wrapped smartly upward to exude an SUV capability with the lower front bumper integrating seamlessly into the fascia for an enhanced aerodynamics.

That’s about it. Not another word about the details of this ride.

Experts who are intrigued by this cliff hanger then simply contain themselves with the photos of the European CRV that shows not much change from the US equivalent, except that the D-pillar is especially raked. This tweak in the looks of the vehicle give an exaggerated BMW-esque vibe that gives the more stylish front grille and headlight design compared to the current model.

Enthusiasts can only guess that Honda will continue and carry on where it has left the last models off. With the current hype for green cars in the country, the SUV may probably have a eco-friendly features and a great possibility of including a hybrid powertrain to mimic its junior Lexus RX450h rival. The car having Honda’s new line of engines that trim off the emission of CO2 and other air pollutants is also not a far cry. A lot of spectators are now expecting the vehicle to come in front and four-wheel drive versions.

Given that the latest model of CRV trounced the competition in the final comparison test, the new generation for the European market is expected to raise the bar a notch higher. It might be that the developers are doing their best to “rejigger” the damper mounts on the rear suspension to pave the way for bigger dampers with performance left unaffected by tweaks in the suspension geometry. One can only guess that the new ride is slightly softer and smoother with handling that remains sporty for a crossover. Reviews suggest that the ride would be even more impressive when the car will come with an electric power steering system that takes inspiration from the predecessor’s directness of hydraulic unit.

Recent trends in the development of Honda vehicles also point to the possibility of the new CRV having fuel economy features that may also pick up another 3mpg highway on two wheel drives and another 1-2 mpg for the automatic wheel drive trims. It may also be possible to have a decreased friction from the engine’s piston rings to the transmission’s clutch packs.

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