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2013 Audi Q5 Review

The 2013 Audi Q5 is Audi’s masterpiece of a midrange SUV.  It has everything you’d expect a reputable midrange SUV to have and more.  Everything from its exterior, to its motor, to its handling has been perfected by German engineers leaving you wanting nothing at all.  With its unique Quattro all-wheel drive system, the Q5 has exceedingly excellent off-road capabilities.  As an SUV, it handles the way a firm sports vehicle should. Packing a 3.2 L 270 hp V-6 engine with a six speed automatic system with manual gear selection and all-wheel-drive, the Audi Q5 is no weakling when it comes to grinding asphalt on the road.  The car also comes in a turbocharged 211 hp edition. Similarly, this edition has six speed automatic, and people drove this version of the car reported that it is a much smoother ride than its turbo-less counterpart. To make things even better, this turbocharged version has a better fuel economy than the V-6 edition of the car. The Audi Q5 is capable of towing up to 4400 pounds. In addition, being approximately 8 inches off of the ground, you can easily do some off-road with this vehicle without having to worry about damaging the chassis.

The Audi Q5 has an adjustable drive select suspension. As such, you are able to change the stiffness of the handling to suit your tastes and the roads driving conditions. Regardless of how lenient you make the handling however, people still report that the right is particularly stiff. This being the case, if you prefer a ride that is a bit smoother on the road, you might want to try looking for something else.

Where internal equipment is concerned, the car has numerous safety features that make it worthwhile. The most important of these is traction control, comprehensive airbag protection in the front, sides, and curtain, as well as parking sensors and a rearview camera. The crash test scores that the Q5 received from the national Highway traffic safety administration are extremely acceptable.

Moving on to the luxury features of the Audi Q5, the car means you wanting nothing. With the slick leather interior, Bluetooth pairing support, satellite radio, and a panorama style sunroof, the car is extremely luxurious. The car also features automatic climate control and power seats. If you suffer from chronic back problems, the seats can be adjusted in such a way to provide lumbar support. LED indicator lamps are also attached to the mirrors, making it so that you can indicate which direction you are going to turn all the more clearly for those in front of you.

The car skeletons are also LEDs, making them far more economical than their halogen counterparts. You are able to save a great deal of battery life by using these LED lights, which, according to Audi will last the entire lifetime of the vehicle and give your Q5 a signature look that sets it apart from other vehicles. Another convenience of the Q5, the car has an embedded rain sensor is the windshield. Not only is it capable of turning on or turning off the wipers depending on whether the conditions are wet or dry, it is also capable of adjusting them accordingly depending on how heavy the rain fall is. Similarly, the Q5 has a light sensor which turns on the headlights when it gets dark automatically.

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